Vedams came into being in 1971. We have over the years built up systems to deliver books from India  and within in the shortest possible of time. Our extensive catalogs offer you a wide range of scholarship on a variety of subjects.

What have we to offer that is different from others?

Our Customer base:
We have built up an enormous customer base over the years. We have been serving the World's top notch educational institutions, art museums, botanical gardens, natural history museums and an ever growing number of individuals interested in India. Our customer testimonials will show what our customers think of us.

Our Catalogue:
We have not merely listed books. Our subject catalogues link up to provide detailed descriptions including the complete table of contents and excerpts from the jacket/preface of individual book. Our synopsis will help you determine whether a particular book is what you really are looking for. Learn more about a book before you order it.

Our website: We have the most comprehensive website for books on South Asia. Our website attracts several thousand unique visitors every day. Google, Yahoo give prominence to keyword searches to our site and constantly rank us at the very top for searches.

Our Service:
We offer a quality of service that is rarely seen in the book trade in India. Our services are geared to take out all the pains and frustrations of getting the correct title in the shortest possible time. The fact that we are based in New Delhi, the centre for publishing in India helps. Your orders will be acknowledged immediately. Books are checked for pagination mistakes and improper binding before these are airmailed to you. We pay great attention to packing to ensure books reach their destination in excellent condition.

Free shipping of books:
All book packets are airmailed free to any part of the World. We do not charge for airmail postage, packing, book handling or insurance. We also offer International Courier service for a nominal cost. For our customers in India we use Courier service to reach books within 3 to 5 working days of ordering the books

Vedams Books has been in the Mail order business for the past four decades. We truly understand what a Mail order business really means and we deliver. We have some of the finest Universities, Art Museums, Botanical Gardens and Natural History Museums and a large ever growing number of individuals around the World among our esteemed customers. Customers who keep coming back because of the service we offer. 

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