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A Manual of The Geology of India, Vol. I : Precambrian, Part IV: Northern and Northwestern Part of the Peninsula : 

Edited by Anupendu Gupta, Geological Survey of India, 2004, Special publication No. 77, x, 257 p, tables, figs, maps, $22.00    Details

A Manual of the Geology of India, Vol. I: Precambrian, Part. I: Southern Part of the Peninsula : 

C. Chakrabarti, S. Basu Mallick, T.K. Pyne and D. Guha, Geological Survey of India, 2006, Special Publication No. 77, Reprint, 572 p, tables, figs, maps, $50.00    Details

An Inventory of Major Landslides in Sikkim-Darjeeling Himalaya (Geological Survey of India, Special Publication No. 94) : 

Chinmoy Paul and T.B. Ghoshal, Geological Survey of India, 2009, pbk, x, 200 p, tables, col. figs, $34.00    Details

Atlas of Granites of Southern Uttar Pradesh, India : 

Compiled by S. Raju and S.P. Rastogi, Geological Survey of India, 2001, Catalogue Series No. 4, 141 p, $22.00    Details

Beas Sutlej Link Project : A Geotechnical Record : Geological Survey of India, Bulletin : Series B, Number 57 : 

Edited by S C Mehrotra, Geological Survey of India, 2007, pbk, viii, 82 p, 20 plates, $20.00    Details

Bench Scale Ore Beneficiation : Case Histories in India : 

Compiled by T.A. Thiagarajan and M.N. Ramachandra Rao, GSI, 1999, pbk, Geological Survey of India, Bulletin Series A, Economic Geology, No. 53, viii, 108 p, figs, tables, $11.00    Details

Bhukia Gold Prospect Banswara District Rajasthan : 

Compiled by R.L. Jat, Geological Survey of India, 2014, pbk, Bulletin Series A. No. 62, 97 p, tables, figs, 5 col. plates, $25.00    Details

Bihar Nepal Earthquake (August 20, 1988) : 

, Geological Survey of India, 1993, Special Publication No. 31, 104 p, figs, maps, $41.00    Details

Bouguer Gravity Atlas of Western Indian (Rajasthan - Gujarat) Shield : 

A G B Reddi amd T S Ramakrishna, Geological Survey of India, 1988, 4 p, 22 plates, $140.00    Details

Bulletin of the Geological Survey of India, Series A, No. 51 : Hand Book of Iron Ore : 

A K Mukherjee, Geological Survey of India, 1988, pbk, 56 p, tables, $11.00    Details

Catalogue of Fossils in the Museum at Siwalik Fossil Park, Saketi, Himachal Pradesh : 

, Geological Survey of India, 2013, catalogue Series No. 8, 312 p, 263 col. photographs, $60.00    Details

Coal Resources of West Bengal: Coalfields of India, Vol. V : 

Edited by A.B. Dutt, Geological Survey of India, 2003, Bulletin of the Geological Survey of India, Series 'A', No. 45, vii, 109 p, tables, plates, figs, $22.00    Details

Compendium on Geotechnical Investigations of Ranjit Sagar (Thein) Dam Project, District Gurdaspur, Punjab  : 

Edited by Swatantra K. Gupta, Geological Survey of India, 2006, pbk, xiv, 104 p, figs, tables, photographs, $25.00    Details

Contributions to Kangra Earthquake Centenary Seminar - 2005 : 

, Geological Survey of India, 2005, pbk, Special Publication No. 85, viii, 340 p, figs, $30.00    Details

Four Decades of Marine Geosciences in India-A Retrospect : Proceedings National Seminar Organised in Connection with 150 Year Celebration of Geological Survey of India, Mangalore 14-16, March 2001 : 

, GSI, 2002, x, 326 p, $35.00    Details

Geochronology of India--A Review : 

Bhanumathi Ramakrishnan and Abhijit Ray, Geological Survey of India, 2009, Geological Survey of India Special Publication No. 73, x, 390 p, $55.00    Details

Geological Survey of India : Memoirs Vol. 122 : Lithostratigraphy of Karewa Group, Kashmir Valley, India and a Critical Review of Its Fossil Record : 

D K Bhatt, Geological Survey of India, 1989, 94 p, figs, $15.00    Details

Geological Survey of India : Memoirs, Vol. 115 : Pre-Quaternary Geology and Mineral Resources of Northwestern Rajasthan : 

H S Pareek, Geological Survey of India, 1984, pbk, 100 p, maps, tables, $11.00    Details

Geological Survey of India : Potash in India : 

Compiled by Virendra Kumar and P.C. Bakliwal, Geological Survey of India, 2005, pbk, Miscellaneous Publication No. 65, xiii, 134 p, tables, figs, $20.00    Details

Geological Survey of India Records, Vol. 124, Part I : Annual General Report, 1989-90 : 

C.P. Vohra, Geological Survey of India, 1999, pbk, 329 p, tables, $20.00    Details

Geology and Mineral Resources of Chhattisgarh: Geological Survey of India, Miscellaneous Publication No. 30, Part XXI : 

, Geological Survey of India, 2006, pbk, Reprint, x, 62 p, $15.00    Details

Geology and Mineral Resources of Madhya Pradesh : Geological Survey of India, Miscellaneous Publication No. 30 Part XI : 

, Geological Survey of India, 2006, pbk, Reprint, x, 90 p, tables, maps, plates, $15.00    Details

Geology and Mineral Resources of Meghalaya (Geological Survey of India, Miscellaneous Publication No. 30 Part IV Vol. 2 (ii) Meghalaya) : 

, Geological Survey of India, 2009, pbk, x, 48 p, map, $11.00    Details

Geology and Mineral Resources of the States of India, Geological Survey of India, Miscellaneous Publication No. 30, Part V - Bihar and Jharkhand : 

, Geological Survey of India, 2009, Reprint, vi, 78 p, $15.00    Details

Geophysical Study of the Gondwana Basins of Eastern Maharashtra : 

T.S. Ramakrishna, M.S.V. Rama Rao, K.V.S. Bhaskara Rao and D.V. Punekar, Geological Survey of India, 1999, 44 p, plates, $19.00    Details

Glacier Atlas of India : 

V.K. Raina and Deepak Srivastava, Geological Society of India, 2008, viii, 316 p, 179 col. figs, 151 black and white figs, tables, ISBN : 8185867809, $120.00    Details

Glaciology of Indian Himalaya : A Bilingual Contribution in 150 Year of Geological Survey of India : Special Publication No. 63 : 

Edited by Deepak Srivastava, Geological Survey of India, 2001, x, 216 p, photos, figs, $25.00    Details

Inventory of Landslides of Northwest Himalaya : With Available Data From Eastern Himalaya : 

Edited by Swatantra K. Gupta, Geological Survey of India, 2005, pbk, vii, 209 p, tables, figs, $40.00    Details

Inventory of the Himalayan Glaciers : A Contribution to the International Hydrological Programme [Special Publication No. 34, Geological Survey of India]: An Updated Edition : 

Edited by C.V. Sangewar and S.P. Shukla, GSI, 2009, Reprint, x, 594 p, 151 figs, 36 col. plates, $0.00    Details

Jabalpur Earthquake 22 May, 1997 : A Geoscientific Study : 

, Geological Survey of India, 2000, Special Publication No. 51, 239 p, fig, table, maps, $40.00    Details

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