Central Asia And The Caucasus

Werner Hermann And Johannes F Linn, Sage, 2011, xxvi, 234 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8132107439, $47.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Central Asia And The Caucasus

Contents: Foreword/Harinder S Kohli. Introduction/Werner Hermann and Johannes F Linn. 1. Connecting Central Asia and the Caucasus with the World/Johannes F Linn. 2. Rivalry and Competition in Central Asia/Martha Brill Olcott. 3. Trade and Transport in Central Asia/Richard Pomfret. 4. Central Asia’s Oil and Gas Reserves: To Whom Do They Matter?/Martha Brill Olcott. 5. How Bad Are Central Asia’s Business Environments and What Can Be Done about Them?/Dennis De Tray. 6. The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis and Policy Responses: Central Asia and the Caucasus/Pradeep K Mitra. Annex 1: Emerging Markets Forum in Thun, Switzerland, January 23-25, 2010: Conference Summary and Discussion/Gilbert Heim. Annex 2: Central Asia and the Caucasus: Selected Regional and Country-specific Geophysical and Socioeconomic Indicators/Natasha Mukherjee. References. Index.

Central Asia and the Caucasus brings together a series of background papers prepared for the First Eurasian EMF held in Thun, Switzerland, in January 2010, These papers cover a broad range of issues relevant to the diverse and dynamic group of countries situated on the Eurasian supercontinent. Although the papers cover subjects and themes as diverse as the impact of the global economic crisis of 2008-2009 for the countries in the region, to what constitutes a good business environment, to name a few, they are united by the identification of the key issues economic, geopolitical, social that are of highest priority to the development of the countries in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

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