AIDS and Education: Issues and Challenges

Ram Shankar Singh and Sunil Kumar, ABD Pub., 2011, viii, 304 p, ISBN : 8183762687, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

AIDS and Education: Issues and ChallengesContents: Preface. 1. Strengthening school-based responses to HIV/AIDS. 2. Measuring knowledge about HIV among youth. 3. Essential for school-based reproductive health and HIV/AIDS education. 4. Adolescence education programme (AEP) of NACO. 5. What HIV/AIDS can do to education. 6. Education as a vehicle for combating HIV/AIDS. 7. Role of mass media. 8. A cultural approach to HIV/AIDS. Bibliography. Index.

The most important way to change risky behaviour is health education. Several studies have shown the positive impact of education and health literacy on cautious sex behaviour. Education itself does not work, only it leads to higher health literacy and general cognitive ability. This ability is relevant to understand the relationship between own risky behaviour and possible outcomes like HIV-transmission. Education is the best investment, any society can make for the health and well-being of its children, as well as its economic and social progress. Education is development. It creates choices and opportunities for people, reduces the twin burdens of poverty ad diseases and gives a stronger voice in society. The book aims to provide the fundamental aspects of education in HIV/AIDS. (jacket)
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