Empowerment of Women in India

Ghazala Parveen, Manak Publications, 2011, xix, 221 p, ISBN : 8178312620, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Empowerment of Women in India

Contents: Introduction. 1. Status of women before Independence. 2. Political and social status of women in Indian constitution. 3. Socio economic empowerment of Indian women. 4. Representation of women in Indian politics. 5. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.

Women Empowerment is the underpinning of trajectory of traits and travails of feminism which of late descended to be established as a shibboleth in the art and articulation of socio political lexicography. The present work unravels the sojourn of women of India since later the half of the 20th century in its quest for gender parity which was morphed into a political plank. The Constitutional constructions contemplations and caveat regarding the rubrics and fabrics of the status of women in pre and post Independent India is the Kernel of the present work wherein socio economic empowerment has been diagnosed as the panacea within the confines of classical and contemporary discourse on the thematiques in the present book embedded with national and international jurisprudential expositions juristic formulations and justicial justifications that makes it a worthy contribution. (jacket)

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