Can Stars Find Peace?

G Srinivasan, Orient Longman, 2011, Pbk, The Present Revolution in Astronomy, 268 p, ISBN : 9788173717420, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Can Stars Find Peace?

What will happen to a star when its supply of nuclear energy is exhausted? Will it collapse to a point and disappear from this Universe? Or, is there a new twist to the story?

In this book, the second volume of the series ‘The Present Revolution in Astronomy’ authored by G Srinivasan, the story of the life history of the stars is narrated in a lucid manner, with the necessary physics background developed in a systematic fashion. The first part deals with the great developments of the 1930s. This includes the great discovery by Chandrasekhar and the subsequent prediction of supernovae, neutron stars and black holes. The second part of the book is devoted to a discussion of the modern perspective of stellar evolution.

I know of no other book on the evolution of stars of a similar scope and breadth that is so accessible for undergraduate students.

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