Geoinformatics for Climate Change Studies

P K Joshi and T P Singh, TERI Press, 2011, Pbk, 450 p, ISBN : 9788179934098, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Geoinformatics for Climate Change Studies

Climate change is increasingly being considered a critical topic in research and policy-making. Evidences related to climate change deal with spatial and non-spatial data, which can be utilized for policy formulation. Geoinformatics, which includes remote sensing, GIS, GPS, and ICT, provides the most relevant technology to monitor climate change-related variables at different dimensions and scales.

Geoinformatics for Climate Change Studies discusses the art of using this technology for investigating, monitoring, documenting, and understanding the impacts of climate change. This book provides information on the concepts and uses of geoinformatics, and focuses on filling the gap in the available literature on the subject by bringing together concepts, theories, and experiences of experts in this field.

Key Features: State-of-the-art technologies in geoinformatics vis-á-vis climate change are discussed. Text supported by self-explanatory GIS maps. Extensive data and study support the use of geoinformatics in climate change.

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