Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development : Some Emerging Issues

Raj Kumar Sen and Somnath Hazra, Deep and Deep Pub, 2011, xiv, 358 p, ISBN : 9788184503487, $65.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development : Some Emerging Issues

Contents: Introduction. I. Environment and sustainable economic development: concepts and Ideas: 1. Tagore and environment in a cross cultural perspective/Pranab Kumar Chattopadhyay. 2. Environment and sustainable development in Indian perspective/V.D. Sharma and Brijesh Sharma. 3. Economics vs. ethics: re-examining our values on nature, development and existence/Amlan Majumdar. 4. Environmentalism, developmentalism and decentralism/Kumar Das and Indira Sahoo. 5. Issues and dimensions of sustainable development/B.G. Lobo and V.A. Mane. 6. Environment and sustainable development in India/Jonardan Konar and Pushpam Dubey. 7. Environmental issues for attaining sustainable development/Harshada S. Rathod. 8. Role of environment on sustainable development/Jonardan Konar and Saniya Chawla. II. Population, poverty, climate change and environmental governance: 9. Climate change and carbon credits: an analysis/Jyoti Garg and Gurbachan K. Bhatia. 10. Renewable energy for sustainable rural development/G. Kavita, G. Sathis Kumar, S. Ramaswamy and K. Manikandan. 11. A note on policies relating to climate change/Debesh Bhowmik. 12. Population, poverty and environmental sustainability in India/Md. Abdus Salam, Md. Fakhre Alam and Md. Ejaz Anwer. 13. Change in population cohort and sustainability of food supply in India/Bipul Malakar and Sudip Jana. 14. Climate change: its control afforestation/Somnath Hazra and Raj Kumar Sen. III. Environmental problems and sustainable development: Case studies from Assam: 15. Environmental pollution control measures/B.K. Barooah and Ranjit Kumar Bezbaruah. 16. Mu icipal solid waste management in Tinsukia, Assam/Subhrabaran Das and Korobi Gogoi. Economics of forests, tribals and institutions: 17. An alternative of community forest institution in Nepal/Raghu Bir Bista. 18. Fuelwood in a subsistence tribal economy of lower Himalayas/Rajiv Pandey and Sreya Majumdar. V. FDI, Financial management and environment: 19. FDI and environment in India: consequences from recent performance/Suvranshu Pan. 20. Productive environment and financial management: case study of four Municipal corporations/Shipra Maitra. Index.

Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development: Some Emerging Issues is an edited volume containing 20 selected articles from the papers contributed to the National Seminar on Environment and Sustainable Development in India held at Rabindra Bharati University and organized by Centre for Studies on Environment and Sustainable Development (CSESD) in collaboration with CHEM, RBU. These articles are distributed over altogether 5 sections.

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