Ageing Population and Social Security System : Global Scenario With Special Reference to India

Anil Bhuimali, Serials Publications, 2011, x, 135 p, ISBN : 9788183874786, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ageing Population and Social Security System : Global Scenario With Special Reference to India

Contents: Preface. 1. Aged people and the usage of Internet – a Comparative study between USA and India/Durlav Sarkar and Partha Chatterjee. 2. Policies and programmes for the welfare of the aged in India: An analyis /D. Pulla Rao. 3. The age paradigm in Indian life/Minakshi Das. 4. Perception about right to health and healthcare of aged population in India/Panchali Sengupta. 5. Ageing and social security measures in India and Japan challenges and responses/Sib Ranjan Misra. 6. Evolving marketing strategies for over aged persons/Bipul Malakar, Sahin Akter Sarker and Srabani Boral. 7. Ageing – A Social Problem/Tulika Kar. 8. Status of elders in the tribal society: A Case of the lepchas of West Bengal/D.C. Roy. 9. Ageing population in informal sector in the Indian context/Sushma Subba and Anil Bhuimali. 10. Gender and Geriatric healthcare: Needs, rights and realities/Sudakshina Ray Datta. Index.

The inventions and discoveries in the field of X medicine in the nineteenth and twentieth Century have made the lives of humanity much safer and increased the life expectancy at all levels. The mortality and morbidity rates have markedly decreased. But at the same time there has been population explosion all over the world specially in Asia and African Countries. Three main Asian Giants in population viz China, India and Japan. All the countries finding it difficult to manage for the growing population. Policies and Programs are being formulated to keep in check the growing population. Various family planning methods are being introduced. India has been able to put check on fertility rate and check the growing population. But the advancement of the science and technology, there has come up a very serious problem that is problem of ageing population. The welfare states cannot at any cost ignore the old people or the population of Senior Citizens and their welfare. Sometimes back the problem was not considered to be serious specially in India but in the present context it has mounted to serious concern but the problem has become un-controllable. Longevity and life expectancy has remarkably increased.

Therefore various problems relating to this generation of older people the senior citizens have come to the fore as socio-economical problems, Health Care etc for the survival health care system to keep them physically fit. Various surveys by the United Nations and its other bodies focusing on the ageing population in the whole world have been carried out. Its various conventions and covenant, stress has been laid on betterment of the older people and women and made their life worth living.

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