101 Great Leaders of the World

Kamal S. Srivastava and Sangeeta Srivastava, APH Pub, 2012, x, 340 p, ISBN : 9788131314029, $65.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

101 Great Leaders of the WorldFrom the Preface: This book is a collection of 101 world leaders, those who have achieved great success in the field of vision and leadership. Their fields of glory vary from political leadership to intellectual to spiritual ones. The leaders included are form several countries across the globe. These 101 leaders includes some who are not present anymore before us and some who are still continuing to perform their great works and leading in their areas of operations. There are stores of many who were failures in their lives or where living at the edge and yet with their will power and strength of mind have become great leaders. We have given a short biography of each personality in this book, their works so that it becomes a mark of inspiration for many. Such great leaders would always remain alive in the pages of history.
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