Gandhian Ideology and Modern World

Edited by A.B.S.V. Ranga Rao, Akansha Publishing House, 2011, xx, 140 p, ISBN : 81-8370-295-9, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Gandhian Ideology and Modern World

Contents: Foreword. Preface. I. Ideologies of Gandhi and other social thinkers: 1. Lohias extension of Gandhian thought/Surendra Mohan. 2. The global crisis: Gandhi and Lohia/Bhagawat Prasad Rath. 3. Bose Gandhi and Ambedkar : their ideologies/K. Raghu Rama Reddy and A. Hariprasad. 4. Confronting Gandhi: Ambedkar views on future religion of Hindus/Ch. Y. Sudhakar. 5. Gandhis views on non violence/S.V.G. Choodamani. II. Gandhian ideology: relevance to contemporary society: 6. Gandhian ideology: relevance to the contemporary society/M. Lakshmipathi Raju. 7. Gandhijis contribution to Indian society: social work perspective/Saraswarthi Raju Iyer. 8. Gandhi and social action: the educational perspective/V. Krishna Murthy and R.V.L.N. Ratnakar. 9. The role of values in education in the context of globalization: The Gandhian perspective/D. Rama Rao and G. Rajeswari. 10. Youth and global peace in Gandhian perspective/P. Kishore Kumar and B. Chennaiah. 11. Globalization: a Gandhian perspective/K. Visweswara Rao and K. Ananda Kumar. 12. Relevance of Gandhian principles for sustainable management of natural resources/P. Usha and S. Pulla Rao. 13. The impact of Gandhism on Indian English literature with special reference to select novels/G. Chenna Reddy.14. Gandhi and his weapon to rebuild society/P. Kishore Kumar, K. Ravi Kumar,  Ch. Ramakrishna and K. Sridevi. Index.

In fact there is an endless array of problems that have engulfed the whole world many of them man made and need to be tackled in the interest of peace progress and sustainable development of the entire world.

Gandhi gave to the world new and revolutionary concepts such as Satyagraha truth force Sarvodaya welfare of all and santhi sena peace brigade. These Gandhian concepts are found to gain greater relevance in the coming years.

The contributors of the present volume have attempted to discuss the relevance of Gandhian ideology to remedy the present day evils and manifold crises that have confronted the contemporary world.

This book consists of fourteen article in total organized under two main themes namely ideology of Gandhi and other social thinkers and Gandhian ideology: relevance to contemporary society. (jacket)

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