Climate Change : Impacts and Adaptations in Crop Plants

Edited by Madan Pal Singh, Sangeeta Khetarpal, Renu Pandey and Pramod Kumar, Toay and Tomorrow, 2011, xiv, 312 p, ISBN : 8170194725, $85.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Climate Change : Impacts and Adaptations in Crop Plants

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Climate change research in agriculture: role of crop simulation models/S. Naresh Kumar and P.K. Agarwaal. 2. Physiology and molecular biology of water logging tolerance in crop plants/R.K. Sairam. 3. Impact of climate change on quality of cereals and oilseed crops/Anjali Anand and Shantha Nagarajan. 4. Physiological approaches for sustaining maize productivity under abiotic stresses/Ishwar Singh, Sain Dass, Pramod Kumar and Madan Pal. 5. Photosynthesis and water use efficiency in C3 and C4 crops under elevated CO2 and temperature/Madan Pal, Sangeeta Khetarpal, Pramod Kumar and Sunil Kumar Pandey. 6. Physiological constraints limiting photosynthesis and grain growth in wheat under elevated temperature/Poonam Sharma Natu, Rakesh Pandey and M.C. Ghildiyal.  7. Bioprospecting of genes for changing global climate/Jasdeep Chatrath Padaria and Akhilesh Kumar. 8. Excess water: Impact on physiological adaptations in crop plants/Pramod Kumar, Madan Pal and Ishwar Singh. 9. Climate change impacts on rice productivity/Subrahmanyam Desiraju, S.R. Voleti and B. Sailaja. 10. Impact of elevated CO2 and temperature on crop weed interaction/V.S.G.R. Naidu. 11. Vulnerability of trees and fruit crops to climate change/Vijay Paul and Rakesh Pandey. 12. Impact of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration on horticultural crops productivity/V.P. Singh. 13. Effect of climate change on oil palm plantations/K. Suresh, R.K. Mathur and M. Kochu Babu. 14. Physiology of nitrogen fixation in legumes under elevated CO2/Rajeev Nayan Bahuguna and Madan Pal. 15. Interactive effects of nitrogen and elevated CO2 on crop plants/Vanita Jain and Renu Pandey. 16. Plant responses to elevated carbon dioxide and phosphate nutrition/Renu Pandey, Vanita Jain, Altaf Ahmad and Kanwar Pal Singh. 17. Nutrient dynamics in rhizosphere under impending climate change/T.J. Purakayastha. 18. Simulation of effect of biotic stresses on crop productivity under climate change scenario/Subhash Chander.

Crop Plants are inherently sensitive to climatic change and variability such as temperature and rainfall regimes as well as prevalence of extreme events. Understanding the adaptation mechanisms of agricultural crops to climate change is important to develop strategies for sustainable productivity under future climate scenario. This book provides a comprehensive account of climate change impacts on growth, yield and quality of important food and horticultural crops and their adaptations under Indian conditions. It includes the use of crop simulation models to analyse impact of climate change on agriculture, bioprospecting of genes for abiotic stress tolerance and options for improving photosynthetic efficiency.

The effect of climate change on crops-weed interactions, nutrient dynamics and rhizosphere and insect pest interactions is very crucial for developing strategies for climate change resilient agriculture. Variability in the pattern of rainfall is considered on e of the important challenges of climate change and may result in incidence of drought or floods in some regions. Understanding the molecular basis, identification of genetic sources for important adaptive traits in different crop plants for water deficit and waterlogging stress will be useful to develop new varieties suitable for these stress environments.

Bioprospecting of genes for climate change aims at the identification of the lock that influences the stress tolerance trait in a species adapted to stringent ecological stresses. It will lead to identification of novel and potential genes and promoters and to understand their molecular mechanisms. Impacts of climate change on the distribution, phenology and abundance of many pest species may cause large reductions in crop yield. This book is an invaluable tool for academics working in plant physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, soil science, agronomy and entomology to develop new strategies for mitigation of the adverse impact of climate change on crops.

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