Biodiversity Ecology and Conservation of Rivers and Streams of North East India

Edited by Laishram Kosygin, Akansha Pub, 2011, x, 374 p, ISBN : 9788183702768, $95.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Biodiversity Ecology and Conservation of Rivers and Streams of North East India

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Biodiversity and conservation strategies of fishes of the Tlawng River, Mizoram, India with some new records/Laishram Kosygin. 2. Future of river Dolphin (Platanista Gangetica gangetica) in North East India/S.P. Biswas, Th. Pawlen Singha, L.P. Hazarika and D. Baruah. 3. Ecology and diversity of fishes in the lotic habitats of upper Brahmaputra Basin/J.N. Das and S.P. Biswas. 4. Ornamental fish biodiversity of the rivers of Tripura and their conservation/Sagar C. Mandal, Arun B. Patel, Pronob Das, Rupam Sharma and A.U. Muzaddadi. 5. Fishes of the Barak River system in Manipur/K. Nebeshwar and W. Vishwanath. 6. Ecology and diversity of fish and Amphibian Fauna of Torrential streams of Wokha District, Nagaland, India/Sabitry Choudhury Bordoloi and Nzano Humtsoe. 7. Studies on ecological aspects of Manipur River System, India/Shantabala Devi Gurumayum and U.C. Goswami. 8. Preliminary study on parasitic protozoan diversity of fishes of Koladyne River, Mizoram/Th. Hemandanda and N. Mohilal. 9. Study on certain ecological aspects on Namsang stream, Arunachal Pradesh/Rajdeep Dutta and Amalesh Dutta. 10. Pre-damming investigation on river morphology and river bed sediment composition of the downstream of Subansiri River, Assam/Debojit Baruah, Ranjit Dutta and Sarada Kanta Sarma. 11. Status and functional roles of some Giant Riparian Amphiphytes in the Subansiri River ecosystem of North East India/Debojit Baruah, Ranjit Dutta and Sarada Kanta Sarma. 12. Ornamental fishes of hill stream channels of Subansiri Drainage system of Assam, North East India: potential for the aquarium fish trade and conservation issues/Bikramaditya Bakalial, Sabita Borah and Lakhi Prasad Hazarika. 13. Fish diversity and their preferential habitats of Subansiri flood plain in North East India: hydroelectric project and conservation needs/Lakhi Prasad Hazarika, Sabita Borah, Bikramaditya Bakalial and S.P. Biswas. 14. Biodiversity of mosquitoes in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam/Prafulla Dutta, Siraj Ahmed Khan and Beauty Mahanta. 15. Wetland ecology along the Dhansiri River Channel, Assam, India/P. Kotoky, M.K. Dutta and G.C. Boarah. 16. Water chemistry of the rivers around Jorhat, Assam, India/P. Kotoky, R.K. Bordoloi, N.K. Baruah, K.K. Borthakur and G.C. Borah. 17. Fish fauna and hydrological environment of Deopani stream, Arunachal Pradesh/Rajdeep Dutta, Debajit Sarma and B.C. Tyagi. 18. Pattern of microdistribution and physical habitat preferences of neolissochilus hexagonolepis (McClelland) in the rivers in Arunachal Pradesh/Boni Amin Laskar and Debangshu Narayan Das. 19. Percid Fishes (Teleostomi: perciformes) of Manipur/L. Arunkumar. 20. Fish breeding grounds on Lohit River, Arunachal Pradesh: a case study/Pranab Nath. 21. Microbiological studies on effluent points of Nambul River, Manipur/R.K. Rajeshwari Devi and Haobjam Dhamendra. 22. River pollution due to unauthorized dumping of urban solid wastes: a case study of two important rivers in Imphal City, Manipur/W. Chaoton Meetei, Koijam K.K. Manibhushan Singh and N. Ibotombi Singh. 23. Molecular characterization of cyanobacteria and their diversity in wetlands including the paddy fields/Ashish Kumar Srivastava. 24. Water resources in Arunachal Pradesh: an overview/J.S. Rawat and Boni Amin Laskar. 25. Ecology and biodiversity of Ningthoukhong River, Manipur, India/S. Shyamjai Singh, Haobijam Dhamendra and Laishram Kosygin. Index.

Rivers have been very useful to men in all parts of the earth from time immemorial. They provide water to slake the thirst of men, to supply water for domestic purposes, to fertilize their lands for agricultural purposes, to generate hydropower and to provide a means of communication. These wetlands also perform a host of ecological and hydrological functions that benefit mankind. The biodiversity within these inland water ecosystems is highly diverse and of great importance to livelihoods and economies. However, in recent time these lotic ecosystems are deteriorating to various anthropogenic activities and thereby resulting in declining of aquatic biodiversity and resources in many parts of India, including the NE region. Therefore, the management and conservation of these wetlands and sustainable utilization of their resources has become one of the greatest challenges to us. The present volume is compendium of recent research made by several and researchers on biodiversity and ecological studies of rivers and streams of North East India. It is a compilation of 25 research articles on various aspects. This book will be a milestone in the field of aquatic ecology of the region because it is to highlight the present status of lotic freshwater ecosystems and their conservation. The book would be highly useful for researchers, scientists, ecologists, teachers, students, NGOs, decision makers and local communities.

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