A Text Book of Event Management

Dataram Joshi, Cyber Tech, 2012, viii, 272 p, figs, tables, ISBN : 9788178849904, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Text Book of Event ManagementContents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Critical review of literature. 3. Event management as a promotional tool. 4. Brand building through events. 5. Company visit's interviews and detailed discussions. 6. Planning a conference. 7. Promoting the conference. 8. Organizing the conference. 9. Coordinating conference proceedings. 10. Follow up conference proceedings. Bibliography. Index.

An event in its universal and literal form would be any occasion when sometimes happens or sometimes needs to be done to organize the same. The Pushkar Mela has the distinction of being the biggest attended fair any wherein India, if not the entire world, making it the biggest event of its kind. As per the article in Business Today of December 7-21, 1993, every year an estimate audience of 3 crore attends the fair in Rajasthan. India has roughly 5000 such fairs and festival. These repressed the biggest organized events from ancient times. Originated on religious lines, this Mela - which literally means fair--have always been a meeting ground for big and small traders, across Indian subcontinent. Traditional games and entertainment have always been part of such events. (jacket)
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