The Surya Siddhanta : A Text Book of Hindu Astronomy

Edited by Phanindralal Gangooly. Translated by Ebenezer Burgess, Cosmo Pub, 2011, lx, 410 p, ISBN : 9788130712222, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

The Surya Siddhanta : A Text Book of Hindu AstronomyContents: Introduction. Life of Rev. E. Burgess. Introductory note. 1. Mean motions of planets. 2. True places of planets. 3. Direction, place, time. 4. Eclipses, lunar eclipse. 5. Parallax in a solar eclipse. 6. Projection of eclipses. 7. Planetary conjunctions. 8. Asterisms. 9. Heliacal risings and settings. 10. Moon’s rising and setting and elevation of her cusps. 11. Certain Malignant aspects of the sun and moon. 12. Cosmogony, geography, dimensions of creation. 13. Armillary sphere and other instruments. 14. Different mode of reckoning time. Appendix. Calculation of eclipses. Sanskrit index. General index.

This celebrated work on Indian Astronomy by Burgess was first published in the Journal of American Oriental Society. Owing to the time, thought and patient diligence devoted to the task, this translation stands out as a model of research work in the field of Hindu Astronomy.

This edition, apart from re-printing the original translation, also carries an introduction which attempts at tracing the growth and development of the Surya Siddhanta as to its date, authorship and methods according to the most recent researches of its writer. The work also attempts at showing clearly the independence of the Hindu scientific astronomy of any foreign, more specially the Greek, source.
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