Jayadeva and Gitagovinda in the Traditions of Orissa

Edited by Dinanath Pathy, Bhagaban Panda and Bijaya Kumar Rath, Harman, 1995, xx, 260 p, 63 plates, ISBN : 8185151865, $80.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. Introduction. I. History and legends: 1. History/Harish Chandra Das. 2. The Kenduvilva complex and the area around/Prafulla Kumar Tripathy. 3. Orissa, the homeland of Jayadeva/Banamali Rath. 4. Gopinatha and Jayadeva/Thomas E. Donaldson. 5. The Gitagovinda seva/Mahesh Prasad Dash. 6. Legends/Pramila Mishra. II. Performing arts: 7. Music/Nilamadhava Panigrahi. 8. Dance/Debaprasad Das. 9. Drama/Bhagaban Panda. III. Visual arts: 10. Sculpture/Bijaya Kumar Rath. 11. Painting/Dinanath Pathy. 12. Textiles/Eberhard Fischer and Dinanath Pathy. IV. Literature: 13. Style/Bhagaban Panda. 14. Imitation/Banamali Rath. 15. Visual imagenaries/Rabi Narayan Dash. Appendix: 1. Text. 2. Text (transliteration). 3. A sample pictorial description of the Gitagovinda. 4. Glossary of terms. 5. Archaeological remains of Kenduli village. 6. Kenduli in records (at the end of illustrations). Select bibliography. Illustrations.

"This book for the first time brings to focus the impact of Jayadeva's Gitagovinda on various aspects of Orissan tradition and culture. It contains a few best selected articles of eminent scholars who are engaged in study and research of Gitagovinda. Besides dealing with Jayadeva's nativity, it projects several other dimensions of the immortal poem Gitagovinda which had not been published earlier.

"The book is further enriched with the edited text of the Kavya along with its transliteration. The pictorial description of a sample palmleaf manuscript from the collection of Orissa state museum makes this publication more meaningful." (jacket)

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