The Unani Pharmacopoeia of India: Vol. I: Part. II: Formulations

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The Unani Pharmacopoeia of India: Vol. I: Part. II: Formulations

Contents: Foreword. Preface. Monographs. 1. Araq-e-Ajeeb. 2. Araq-e-Ajwain. 3. Araq-e-Badiyan. 4. Araq-e-Gulab. 5. Araq-e-Kasni. 6. Araq-e-Keora. 7. Araq-e-Mako. 8. Itrifal Zamani. 9. Itrifal-e-Muqil Muliyan. 10. Jawarish Zarooni. 11. Jawarish-e-Amla Sada. 12. Jawarish-e-Anarain. 13. Jawarish-e-Hindi. 14. Khamira-e-Abresham Saada. 15. Khamira-e-Gaozaban Saada. 16. Khamira-e-Sandal Sada. 17.Laooq-e-Badam. 18. Laooq-e-Nazli. 19. Laooq-e-Sapistan. 20. Laooq-e-Shamoon. 21. Lauq-e-Katan. 22. Lauq-e-Khayarshambar. 23. Majoon-e-Falasfa. 24. Majoon-e-Aarad Khurma. 25. Majoon-e-Antaki. 26. Majoon-e-Baladur. 27. Majoon-e-Chobchini. 28. Majoon-e-Dabidul Ward. 29. Majoon-e-Jograj Gugal. 30. Majoon-e-Muqawwi-e-Rahem. 31. Majoon-e-Muqil. 32. Majoon-e-Musaffi-e-Khoon. 33. Majoon-e-Nankhwah. 34. Majoon-e-Rahul Momineen. 35. Majoon-e-Sangdana Murgh. 36. Majoon-e-Suparipak. 37. Majoon-e-Talkh Deedani. 38. Majoon-e-Ushba. 39. Raughan-e.Badam Shireen. 40. Raughan-e-Gul. 41. Raughan-e-Kaddu Shireen. 42. Raughan-e-Kahu. 43. Raughan-e-Lubood-e-Saba. 44. Raughan-e-Malkangni. 45. Raughan-e-Turb. 46. Raughan-e-Babuna Sada. 47. Raughan-e-Banafsha. 48. Sufoof-e-Chobchini. 49. Sufoof-e-chutki. 50. Sufoof-e-Khardal. Appendices.

The Unani Pharmacopoeia of India Part-II: Formulations Volume I is a legal document of standards for quality of Unani formulations included therein under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940. This volume consists of 50 monographs on compound formulations. Each monograph contains definition composition indicating the Unani name botanical name part used and their quantity in the formulation. This also includes method of preparation and description of the product.

The identification of product includes microscopy of the ingredients thin layer chromatography TLC and chemical tests. The physico-chemical parameters contain loss on drying total ash value acid insoluble ash alcohol soluble extractives water soluble extractives pH values of 1% and 10% aqueous solution etc. Indications therapeutic uses and dosage along with mode of administration are also indicated in the monograph.

This volume is the first publication of its kind wherein the pharmacopoeial standards of compound Unani formulations have been scientifically described. The standards have been consciously kept modest so that the implementation by the manufacturing pharmacies becomes easily acceptable in order to maintain quality control and batch to batch uniformity. However the manufacturers should endeavour to maintain higher standards of quality than described in this volume. The appendices to this volume contain the detailed protocol used in the determination of various scientific standards as well as methods of testing. This is also supplemented with Unani definition terminologies and methods of preparation etc. This book in general is more user friendly for manufactures scientists students and teachers involved in the standardization of Unani formulations. Since this book is included in the first schedule of ?Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 manufactures are required to follow these pharmacopoeial standards which are mandatory requirement under the Act. (jacket)

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