Out Of The Blue : Rajasthans Road To The Ranji

Aakash Chopra, Harper Collins, 2011, Pbk, 264 p, ISBN : 9789350291702, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Out Of The Blue : Rajasthans Road To The Ranji

When you are Rajasthan, last in the plate division, never having won the title, never even coming close to a final in over three decades, you don t play to win the honour, you play to save what you can of yours.

Ending up at the very bottom of the Ranji Trophy s lower division shook Rajasthan up. The team staked all it had on the season of 2010-11; it became the players one shot at redemption. This is the inspiring true story of the players motivation, their passion for cricket, and of a cricket association that changed the rules of how domestic cricketers are groomed in India.

Together, they resurrected the Rajasthan team-against all odds. This is the scintillating story of Rajasthan s first Ranji Trophy win, written by the team s highly successful opening batsman himself. If Aakash Chopra's first book laid bare the administrative apathy and corruption that domestic cricket is mired in, this one is a close- up of what it could be.

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