An Introduction to Indian Architecture : Design and Development

Raghuvir Jalote, Cyber Tech, 2012, viii, 248 p, ISBN : 9789350530108, $48.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

An Introduction to Indian Architecture : Design and DevelopmentContents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Sultanate architecture. 3. Mughal architecture. 4. Inscriptions. 5. Forms and typologies. 6. Sites and monuments. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.

Meanwhile, architectural exploration within the modernist realm continued in different parts of the country. The Matri-mandir in Auroville designed by Roger Anger displayed a spiritual ideology, as do a number of other buildings there.

Laurie Baker's work in Kerala is low cost, self-help, culturally and climatically responsive as can be seen in his center for developmental studies. Satish Gujral's Belgian embassy building in New Delhi is sculptural with connotations of Hindu myth. These are just a few examples of the diversity of modern architecture in India built in the last couple of decades or so.

A major event in Indian history took place in 1991 when the government abandoned the socialist project in favour of a liberalised economy, integrating the Indian economy with global realities. (jacket)
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