Political System in Pakistan (10 Volumes)

Edited by Verinder Grover and Ranjana Arora, Deep & Deep, 1995, 7188 p, 10 Vols, $327.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

"For the first time a complete study of the political system in Pakistan including political and constitutional development, role of army, foreign policy and international relations, has been presented in ten volumes. Contributors to this outstanding work include nationally and internationally renowned political scientists, scholars, jurists, statesmen and politicians. Also included in all volumes are relevant appendices, select bibliography and index." (jacket)

Contents: Vol. 1 : Genesis of Pakistan : Preface. Part I: 1. Jinnah: the founder of Pakistan/Mushtaq Ahmed. 2. The founder of Pakistan/L.H. Qureshi. 3. Partition: way to India's freedom/M.A. Jinnah. 4. What is the political future of India/M.A. Jinnah. 5. Pakistan: an ideal or practical politics today?/I.H. Qureshi. 6. Concept of a separate Muslim state/K.S. Abdur Rahman Khan. Part II: 7. United States of India: Pakistan scheme--India's remarkable revolution/Tarun Bhattacharya. 8. Dravidian regions should form a separate state/A.C. Balasundara Nayakar. 9. Partition of India, the proper solution/Gopaul Chetty. 10. Demand for partition/Periyar E.V. Ramaswami. 11. Pakistan scheme and the Sikhs: north-west India distinct from Hindustan/M.R.T. (Pseud). 12. Genesis and growth of Pakistan: weak ideological foundation/N.N. Gidwani. 13. Protection versus separation: alternatives before Muslims in Independent India/M.R.T. (Pseud). 14. The cultural background of Pakistan/Abdul Majid. 15. Sir Syed and the making of Pakistan/Iqbal Junaid. 16. The rise of Pakistan/Z. Ahmad. 17. The Genesis of Pakistan/Shaukatullah Ansari. Part III: 18. Can Hindus and Muslims ever become one nation?/Wahid Ashraf. 19. Congress does not face realities/M.R.T. (Pseud). 20. Is India one nation?/Jamil-ud-Din Ahmad. 21. Two Indias: what an Englishman thinks of Pakistan scheme/Patrick Lacey. 22. Nationalism is no solution of Hindu-Muslim problem/M.R.T. (Pseud.). 23. One-nation myth exposed/M.R.T. (Pseud.). 24. History writing in Pakistan and the two-nation theory/Satish Chandra. 25. Communal competition for power in the Punjab and the Unionist-Muslim League Co-operation, 1924-26/S. Qalb-i-Abid. 26. The unity and partition/A.F.M. Mohsin. 27. Abul Kalam Azad on partition: a review/K. Sarwar Hasan. 28. Pakistan examined/Rezaul Karim. 29. The great divide/Verinder Grover. Appendices: 1. Proposals for Hindu-Muslim settlement popularly known as Delhi Muslim proposals evolved at a Conference of Muslim Leaders of different shades of opinion, held at Delhi under the Presidentship of M.A. Jinnah, 20 March, 1927. II. Mr. Jinnah's Speech on the Nehru Committee's Recommendations regarding the future Constitution and Hindu-Muslim problem at the All-parties Convention, Calcutta, December, 1928. III. Draft Resolution (Popularly known as fourteen points) prepared by M.A. Jinnah representing consensus of Opinion between different Schools of Muslim Political Thought. IV. Congress--Mulism Pact. V. Communal Award. VI. Supplementary Communal Award. VII. Poona Pact. VIII. Resolution. IX. C. Rahmat Ali's Cirular letter. X. M.A. Jinnah's Presidential Address at the Twenty-fifth Session of All-India Muslim League, Lucknow, October 1937. XI. Nehru-Jinnah Correspondence (1937-38). XII. Extracts from M.A. Jinnah's Presidential Address at the Twenty-seventh Annual Session of the All-India Muslim League, Lahore, 22-24 March 1940. XIII. Presidential address. XIV. Text of Resolution No.1 on future Constitution of India passed at the 27th Annual Session of the All-India Muslim League held at Lahore on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of March 1940. XV. Message sent by Mr. M.A. Jinnah to the Bombay Presidency Provincial Muslim League Conference held at Hubli on the 26th and 27th May 1940. XVI. Viceroy's statement. XVII. Mr. Amery, on India's Political Goal. XVIII. Gandhi-Jinnah talks, 1994. XIX. Statement made by Prime Minister Attlee in the House of Commons, 20. February, 1947. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. 2 : Constitutional Development in Pakistan : Preface. Part I: 1. Why Mountbatten wanted to become the common Governor-General of Bharat and Pakistan?/M. Zahid Khan Lodhi. 2. Mountbatten's appointment as the last Governor-General of United India/Rabia Zaman. 3. The political crisis in Pakistan/Sisir Gupta. 4. Political trends in Pakistan/Sisir Gupta. 5. Pakistan today/Hon. Khwaja Nazimuddin. 6. Evacuee property in India and Pakistan/Mohammed Ahsen Chaudhri. 7. H 59 696 696 0 0 696 0 1 1 0H Evacuee property in India and Pakistan/Joseph B. Schechtman. Part II: 8. Constitution-making in Pakistan/Sisir Gupta. 9. Constitutional developments in Pakistan: the first phase, 1947-56/M.V. Lakhi. 10. Constitution-making in Pakistan, 1947-56/B.P. Barua. 11. Some thoughts on Pakistan's new constitution/J.S. Bains. 12. The constitution of the republic of Pakistan, 1962/Alan Gledhill. 13. Pakistan's new constituent assembly/Nur Ahmed. 14. The system of federation in Pakistan: constitutional provisions for decentralisation/Syed Farooq Hasnat. 15. Joint electorates will prove the basis of Pakistan wrong and immoral/Begum Tahira Agha. 16. Psychological basis of separate electorates/Syed Abul A'la Maudoodi. 17. Separate electorates--a responsibility of the majority/Hon. Abdus Sattar Pirzada. 18. Separate electorates--the life blood of Pakistan/Joshua Fazl-ud-Din. 19. Constitutional experiments/Verinder Grover. Appendices: 1. The Government of India Act, 1935. 2. Text of the first issue of the Gazette of Pakistan, dated August 15, 1947. 3. The Pakistan Citizenship Act, 1951. 4. The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (1956). 5. Proclamation made by the President of Pakistan on 7th October 1958. 6. General Ayub's Broadcast to the Nation, dated 8 October 1958. 7. President Ayub Khan's Broadcast on Basic Democracies, Dacca Radio Station, September, 1959. 8. The Constitution of the Republic of Pakistan (1962). 9. Political Parties Act, 1962. 10. Amendments to the Constitution, 1962. 11. The Electoral College Act, 1964. 12. General Yahya Khan's First Broadcast to the Nation as Chief Martial Law Administrator on 26 March 1969. 13. Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (1973). Bibliography. Index.

Vol. 3 : Political Parties, Elections and Regionalism in Pakistan : Preface. Part I: 1. Political change in Pakistan: an evaluation/J. Melvin Miller. 2. Systemic crisis in Pakistan: breakdown of a political community/M.V. Lakhi. 3. Current Pakistani politics and prospects/Clio (Pseud.). 4. General Zia and the opposition in Pakistan: from conciliation to confrontation/Surendra Nath Kaushik. 5. Pakistan in 1988: a year of change/Pramod K. Kantha. 6. Press and public opinion in Pakistan/S.P. Varma. 7. The elite groups and aspects of confrontation within Pakistan/Nazir A. Mughal. 8. Economic development in Pakistan: regional disparity/P.C. Verma. Part II: 9. Pakistan's first general elections/Ralph Joseph. 10. Politics in East Pakistan: a study of 1954 elections/M. Bhaskaran Nair. 11. Political trends and prospects/Prashant Sareen. 12. Aftermath of the March 1977 general elections in Pakistan/Surendra Nath Kaushik. 13. Bhutto's leadership: some issues and challenges/Surendra Nath Kaushik. 14. Opposition fronts in Pakistan: quest for democratic consensus/Surendra Nath Kaushik. 15. Benazir Bhutto: failure of leadership/Mahesh Bhardwaj. 16. Establishment stays Arbiter/Aabha Dixit. 17. Pakistan: What lies ahead?/S.K. Singh. 18. Pakistan: a crisis in the making/H.K. Dua. 19. Contemporary dilemmas/I.K. Gujral. 20. The party continues: the PPP/M.B. Naqvi. 21. Back to the future?/Zahid Hussain. 22. Whose League is it anyway?/Aziz Siddiqui. 23. The power of promises/I.A. Rehman. 24. Pak elections and the challenges before the new government/Bansidhar Pradhan. 25. Mian and BB/Hasan Mujtaba. Part III: 26. Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan/Ali Ahmad Khan. 27. Fighting Communism by oppression/Naeem Siddiqi. 28. Pakistan People's Party: foundation and policy. 29. The National Away Party of Pakistan: leftist politics in crisis/M. Rashiduzzaman. Part IV: 30. Politics of regionalism in post-1971 Pakistan/Surendra Nath Kaushik. 31. Federalism and regionalism in Pakistan/Mehrunnisa Ali. 32. Language and regionalism in Pakistan/M.V. Lakhi. 33. Ethnic conflicts/Uma Singh. 34. The problem of East Pakistan/Stanley Maron. 35. Genocide--why the refugees flee East Pakistan/Anthony Mascarenhas. 36. The issue of disparities in Pakistan public services: a potent factor accentuating Bengali nationalism/Syed Humayun. 37. The rural poor of East Pakistan: a reply/Rehman Sobhan. 38. The problems of East Pakistan/Subhash Chandra Sarker. 39. Pakistan: one state, two nations: an analysis of political anatomy of United Pakistan/Syed Humayun. 40. Discrimination against East Pakistan/S.A. Sajjad. 41. Reign of terror in Baluchistan/Mir Abdul Baqi. 42. Afridi-Shinwari revolt in Khyber: nature, form and intensity/P.L. Bhola. 43. The Pakhtoonistan prong/T.S. Firoze. 44. International aspects of the Pashtoon National Movement/Sukha Ranjan Chakravarty. 45. Democracy: divisions H 59 696 696 0 0 696 0 1 1 0H and dictatorship/Verinder Grover. Appendices: 1. Minority rights in 1956 constitution. 2. Six-point plan of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman. 3. President Ayub Khan's letter to General Yahya Khan dated 24 March 1969 handing over power to the latter. 4. Legal framework order 1970 (extracts). 5. Yahya Khan's promise of transfer of power. 6. Election broadcast by Mujbur Rehman. 7. Broadcast by Z.A. Bhutto (18 November 1970). 8. Mr. Rezaur Rahman's letter to 'A.G.', Dacca, 17 March 1971. 9. Proclamation of the Bangla Desh Government (Proclamation dated 10 April, 1971). 10. Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmed's First Statement, April 17, 1971. 11. President Yahya Khan's Radio Broadcast of 28 June, 1971. 12. For Lieutenant-General Niazi from Sam Manekshaw--Chief of the Army Staff, India, 15 December 1971. 13. Surrender Agreement, 16 December, 1971. 14. General Yahya Khan's undelivered Address to the nation December 17, 1971. 15. Election results of the 207 seat Pakistan National Assembly held on October 6, 1993. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. 4 : The Islamic State of Pakistan : Role of Religion in Politics : Preface. Part I: 1. What is Islam?/Umar Rolf Baron Ehrenfels and Mahmud Sheriff. 2. Muslim Ummah: problems and prospects/Mujtaba Razvi. 3. Islam and development: a review article/Sharif al Mujahid. 4. Concept of Islamic state in modern world/Ziauddin Ahmad. 5. Iqbal's concept of Islamic polity/Ziauddin Ahmad. 6. Philosophy of deterrence/S.G. Mehdi. 7. Resume of the International Islamic Colloquium: 1958/Bayard Dodge. 8. Islam: view points in Pakistan/J. Windrow Sweetman. 9. Islam, Sharia, Ulama/Kalim Bahadur. 10. The significance of the Prophet Muhammad's birthday in Pakistan (12th December, 1951)/Ghulam Mohammad. 11. Preachings of Prophet Muhammad/Habib I. Rahimtoola. 12. Islamic revival: quest for identity and legitimacy implications for Pakistan/Suroosh Irfani. Part II: 13. Pakistan's drive for Pan-Islamism/M.K. Qureshy. 14. Pakistan's quest for Pan-Islamism: 1947-1977/Khan Zaman Mirza. 15. Islam as a factor in Pakistani foreign relations/Sisir K. Gupta. 16. Islamic fundamentalism and Pakistan's foreign policy/Surendra Chopra. 17. Pakistan, United States and Islam/Ralph Braibanti. Part III: 1. Interaction of ideology and strategy in Pakistan's domestic politics: the fulcrum of policy-making/Khalid Javed Makhdoom. 19. Minority crusade/Aftab Alexander Mughal. 20. Religious minorities in Pakistan/G.W. Choudhury. 21. Anti-Ahmadiya Movement in Pakistan/Surendra Nath Kaushik. 22. Ahmadis of Pakistan/Preeti Paliwal. 23. Ahmadiyyat in Pakistan: Rabwah and the Ahmadis/S.E. Brush. 24. The concept of evolution in Ahmadiyyah thought/Humphrey Fisher. 25. Unequal partners/Mariana Baabar. 26. Role of women in Pakistan/Zamir Ahmad. 27. Role of women in Islamic society/Ghulam Muhammad. 28. Respect for women/Begum Liaqat Ali Khan. 29. Women in tomorrow's Pakistan/Zakia Sarwar, Waheed Faruki and Ahmed Abdulla. Part IV: 30. Some theoretical and practical aspects of the Islamic state of Pakistan/Erwin Birnbaum. 31. The foundations of Pakistani culture/I.H. Qureshi. 32. The Islamic background of West Pakistan/Mahmud Brelvi. 33. Constitutional debates in Pakistan/Grace J. Calder. 34. Islamic state controversy in Pakistan/M.V. Lakhi. 35. Pakistan as an ideological state/Inamur-Rehman. 36. Pakistan and the Islamic state/A.K. Nazmul-Karim. 37. The Islamic concept of state in Pakistan/G.W. Chaudhry. 38. The role of Deobandi Ulama in Pakistan's politics: 1947-56/Sayyid A.S. Pirzada. 39. Pakistan: Islam in politics/Sheila McDonough. 40. Islamisation and the political system in Pakistan: the Coercive Model of General Zia-Ul Haq/Surendra Nath Kaushik. 41. The Zia regime: legitimisation through Islamisation/Veena Kukreja. 42. Nawaz Sharif outlines his Islamic agenda/S.N. Jamal. 43. Is Islamisation business of legislature only?/Khalid M. Ishaque. 44. Engima of an Islamic state: the case of Pakistan/Verinder Grover. Appendix: Text of Shariat Bill: fundamental obligations of Islamic state. Bibliography. Index.

V. Role of Military Dictatorship in Pakistan Politics: Preface. Part I: 1. The military in Pakistan's political development: its growing strength and implications/Mohammed Ayoob. 2. The military and politics in Pakistan/Ghulam Sarwar. 3. Military intervention in Pakistan/Nihal H. Rizvi. 4. Pakistan comes full circle/Mohammed Ayoob. 5. Arms and politics in Pakistan/Stephen P. Cohen. 6. Political role of Army in Pakistan: some reflections/Wayne A. Wilcox. 7. Military regimes in Bangladesh and Pakistan: strategies of sustenance and H 59 696 696 0 0 696 0 1 1 0H survival/Jitendra Mishra. 8. The non-military activities of the Pakistan Military/K.L. Kamal. Part II: 9. Democracy and dictatorship in Pakistan/Aijaz Ahmad. 10. Pakistan: a hope of democracy/Donald Milner. 11. Democracy at people's doorstep/Mohammad Ayub Khan. 12. Basic democracies: a great experiment/Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. 13. Basic democracies in Pakistan: some conceptual and empirical hypotheses/Iqbal Narain. 14. Political stability and democracy in Pakistan/Hussen Shaheed Suhrawardy. 15. Pakistan's search for democracy: problems and prospects/P.L. Bhola. 16. The fragility of democracy in Pakistan: military as the root cause/N.R.V. Prabhu and K. Banumathy. Part III: 17. Bureaucracy in authoritarian political system: the case of Pakistan/C.P. Bhambhri & M. Bhaskaran Nair. 18. Corruption in Pakistan civil service: an analytical survey/C.P. Bhambhri and M. Bhaskaran Nair. 19. Role of bureaucracy in political development: a comparative study of India and Pakistan/T.K. Jain. 20. Political development in Pakistan, 1947-71: role of the bureaucracy/Jayanta Kumar Ray. 21. An assessment of changes in the employment situation of Pakistani women in the informal sector/Shaheen Khan. Part IV: 22. Pakistan's case for force modernisation/A.R. Siddiqi. 23. Pakistan's defence potential/Samuel Baid and Sreedhar. 24. Army in Sindh: an overview/A.R. Siddiqi. 25. Zarbe Momin: Pakistan's show of offensive defence/John Kaniyalil. Part V: 26. Political change in Pakistan: structures. functions, constraints and goals/Wayne Wilcox. 27. Political development in Pakistan/Z.A. Bhutto. 28. Military-bureaucratic hook-up/Verinder Grover. Appendices: 1. Text of the President's proclamation of October 7, 1958. 2. Dawn of a new era: basic democracies in Pakistan. 3. Supreme Court Judgement on Begum Nusrat Bhutto's petition challenging detention of Mr. Z.A. Bhutto and others under Martial Law Order 12 of 1977. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. 6 : Pakistan's Foreign Policy its Relations with USA, UK, Commonwealth and UNO : Preface. Part I: 1. The basis of Pakistan's foreign policy/G.W. Choudhury. 2. The fundamentals of Pakistan's foreign policy/A Group Study. 3. Foreign policy of Pakistan/Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. 4. Pakistan's foreign policy: some emerging trends/S.P. Varma. 5. Pakistan's foreign policy: an interpretation/Keith B. Callard. 6. Preliminary analysis of Pakistan's foreign policy: in terms of objectives, costs and returns/Khalid B. Sayeed. 7. Pakistan's foreign policy under Ayub: continuity and change/M.V. Lakhi. 8. The foreign policy of Pakistan, 1947-64/M.A.H. Ispahani. 9. Developments in Pakistan's foreign policy (1972-1976)/P.L. Bhola. 10. Trends in the development of Pakistan's foreign policy (1972-1977)/Diethelm Weidemann. 11. External relations and foreign policy/Manzur Qadir. 12. Pakistan's foreign policy: trends and challenges of the eighties/Mehrunnisa Ali. 13. The foreign relations of Pakistan/M. Altaf Husain. 14. Recent developments in the foreign policy of Pakistan/Akram Zaki. 15. Can Pakistan stay neutral?/M. Aslam Siddiqi. 16. Foreign policies of India and Pakistan: Kashmir as a factor/D.C. Jha. Part II: 17. Pakistan and the United States/Mohammed Ahsen Chaudhri. 18. US-Pakistan relations: 1966-71/Raghunath Ram. 19. US-Pakistan relations/Arthur W. Hummel, Jr. 20. United States arms policy in South Asia, 1965-67/Zubeida Hasan. 21. The Pakistan-American alliance/Mohammad Ayub Khan. 22. Pak-US military relationship in 1980s/Babar Ali. 23. Pakistan-US relations: 1988-1991/Farzana Shakoor. 24. Pakistan-United States relations: an appraisal/M. Raziullah Azmi. 25. US military assistance to Pakistan: a reappraisal/B.K. Shrivastava. 26. America's military alliance with Pakistan: the evolution and course of an uneasy partnership/M.S. Venkataramani and Harish Chandra Arya. 27. The background of American arms aid to Pakistan/K. Sarwar Hasan. 28. New Pak-US security relationship and its implications for an Indian response/Pandav Nayak. 29. U.S. economic assistance to Pakistan: myth and reality/Arnold L. Raphel. 30. U.S. economic assistance to Pakistan, 1954-1965: a case study in the politics of foreign aid/Mohammed Ayoob. 31. An analysis of Pakistan's commercial treaties with the United States/S.M. Haider. 32. United States policy towards India and Pakistan/Satish Kumar. 33. Impact of US-Pakistan relations on India/Meenakshi Peshawari. Part III: 34. Pakistan's relations with the United Kingdom/Herbert Feldman. 35. The commonwealth and Indo-Pakistani relations/S.C. Gangal. 36. H 59 696 696 0 0 696 0 1 1 0H Commonwealth today/Reazul Hossain. 37. Pakistan and the commonwealth/K. Sarwar Hasan. 38. The commonwealth and the constitution of Pakistan/K. Sarwar Hasan. 39. Pakistan's relations with the commonwealth: political and strategic aspects/Hafeez-ur-Rahman Khan. Part IV: 40. Was Pakistan a "Charter" member of the United Nations?/Ijaz Hussain. 41. Pakistan and the United Nations/Talat A. Wizarat. 42. Pakistan at the United Nations/Izzat Mohmud Khan. 43. The U.S.-Pak axis/Verinder Grover. Appendices: 1. Pakistan-United States Mutual Defence Assistance Agreement, 1954. 2. South-East Asia collective defence treaty and Pacific charter, 1954. 3. The central treaty organization and bilateral agreements. 4. Pakistan-United States joint communique. 5. Pakistan-US bilateral agreement of cooperation, 1959. 6. Treaty of friendship and commerce between the United States of America and Pakistan, 1959. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. 7 : Pakistan-India Relations : Preface. Part I: 1. Indo-Pakistan relations as visualised by Quaid-i-Azam M.A. Jinnah/Riaz Ahmad. 2. India-Pakistan: no-war pact and all that/V.P. Dutt. 3. The dialogue must go on: despite inherent contradictions/Nabagopal Das. 4. Asian common market: an answer to the Indo-Pak situation/Virendra Agarwal. 5. Kashmir--the real big hurdle/K.C. Lalwani. 6. Little hope of friendliness/Balraj Madhok. 7. Empty and futile 'warring'/Romesh Thapar. 8. India and Pakistan: a glorious future/A.I. Akram. 9. India and Pakistan: the first decade/Sir Percival Griffiths. 10. Developments in India and Pakistan/Sir Percival Griffiths. 11. Latest developments in India and Pakistan/Sir Percival Griffiths. 12. Relations between India and Pakistan/S.L. Poplai. 13. Lessons of India-Pakistan war/H.N. Kunzru. 14. Indo-Pakistan relations and diplomatic laws with special reference to 1965 armed conflict/Arun Chaturvedi. 15. A fresh approach to India-Pakistan relations/Bimla Prasad. 16. Indo-Pakistan relations under the Rajiv-Benazir leadership/B.M. Jain. 17. The India-Pakistan crisis at the United Nations/Homer A. Jack. 18. Relations with India/Aabha Dixit. 19. A question of self-image/Girilal Jain. 20. India and Pakistan: opportunities and compulsions/Rajeshwar Dayal. 21. India-Pakistan relations: problems and prospects/Partha S. Ghosh. 22. India and Pakistan: differing security perceptions/R. Rama Rao. 23. Peace and Indo-Pak relations/Inder Malhotra et al. 24. Negotiations with Pakistan/Jayanta Kumar Ray. 25. Issues for the Indo-Pak summit/Sisir Gupta. 26. India's policy towards Pakistan/Sisir Gupta. 27. India and Pakistan as factors in each other's foreign policies/Jayanta Kumar Ray. 28. India, Pakistan, and South-East Asia/Vishal Singh. 29. Pakistan's domestic crisis and foreign policy: problem of identity and relations with India/Sisir Gupta. 30. The India-Pakistan strategic debate: the hold-off approach/H.K. Srivastava. Part II: 31. The Indian and Pakistan armies of today/Field-Marshal Sir John Harding. 32. Foreign military aid and the defence strength and policies of India and Pakistan: a comparative study/D. Som Dutt. 33. Pakistan re-arms/R. Rama Rao. 34. India Vs. Pakistan: the nuclear option/R.R. Subramanian. 35. Nuclear Pakistan: India's response/Pradyot Pradhan. 36. Pakistan's nuclear programme: the problem of nuclear proliferation reconsidered/Maqsud Ul Hasan Nuri. 37. Pakistan's nuclear policy under Z.A. Bhutto and Zia-ul-Haq: an assessment/Zafar Iqbal Cheema. 38. India's nuclear test and Pakistan/Dilip Mukerjee. 39. Nuclear non-proliferation and Pakistan/Agha Shahi. 40. Aplomb or the bomb: outlook for Indo-Pakistani relations in a global perspective/J. Casey Hammond. 41. The "Islamic Bomb" and India's national security/Aswini K. Ray. 42. Pak POWs and international law/R.P. Anand. 43. Military intervention in politics: contrasting cases of Pakistan and India/Veena Kukreja. 44. Indian intervention in East Pakistan: a review under international law/Syed Farooq Hasnat. Part III: 45. Evacuee property in India and Pakistan/Joseph B. Schecht-man. 46. Indo-Pakistani enclaves/R.N. Banerji. 47. The Tashkent declaration: retrospect and prospect/M.S. Rajan. 48. The Kutch award/R.P. Anand. 49. Indo-Pakistan control: march over Siachen Glacier/P.L. Bhola. 50. Kutch-award: a study in Indo-Pakistan relations/Biswanath Singh. 51. Kutch award: the domestic response in India/B.L. Maheshwari. 52. Kashmir--'Bone of Contention'/Lionel Fielden. 53. Animosity across the Radcliffe line/Lionel Fielden. 54. Indo-Pakistan ties/Verinder Grover. Appendices: 1. Pakistan's War Propaganda against India. 2. H 59 696 696 0 0 696 0 1 1 0H Indo-Pakistan Home Ministers' Conference, New Delhi, April 7-11, 1964. 3. Nehru-Liaquat Correspondence on 'No War Pact', 1950. 4. Tashkent Declaration. 5. Indo Pak Agreement on Bilateral Relations. 6. Indo-Pak Statements on the Line of Control. 7. Indo-Pak Agreement, 28 August 1973. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. 8 : Pakistan's Relations With the Muslim World : Preface. Part I: 1. Pakistan and the Muslim world/Mohammad Ahsen Chaudhri. 2. A commonwealth of Muslim nations/Nazir Ahmad Khan. 3. Syed Jamaluddin Afghani's ideas blaze the trail/Ahmed Abdullai. 4. Integration of the Muslim world: problems and prospects/Manzooruddin Ahmed. 5. Quaid-i-Azam Jinnah and world Muslim unity: an interpretation/Sharif-al-Mujahid. 6. Quaid-i-Azam and Islamic solidarity/Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada. 7. Pakistan's quest for Pan-Islamism: 1947-77/Khan Zaman Mirza. 8. Regional cooperation for development/Syed Salahuddin Ahmad. 9. Pakistan and regional security: a Pakistani view/Mohammad Ahsen Chaudhri. 10. Economic integration of Islamic states/Tufail Ahmad Khan. 11. Pakistan in South-East Asia/Rais Ahmad Khan. 12. Pakistan and East Asia/Mohammad Ahsen Chaudhri. Part II: 13. Pakistan and the middle east/Khalida Qureshi. 14. Recent trends in Pakistan's policy towards the middle east/Zubeida Mustafa. 15. Pakistan's Persian Gulf policy/S.A.H. Ahsani. 16. Pakistan's relations with the U.A.R./Hafeez-ur-Rahman Khan. 17. Pakistan-Saudi relations/Naveed Ahmad. 18. Evolution of Saudi-Pakistan strategic relationship 1947-90: military security and economic factors/Zulfikar A. Khalid. 19. India, Pakistan and West Asia/M.S. Agwani. 20. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan and Pak-Iran diplomatic relations: 1948-52/Javed Haider Syed. 21. Pak-Iran relations/Surendra Chopra. 22. Pakistan and Iran--a study in neighbourly diplomacy/Khalida Qureshi. Part III: 23. Relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan/I.H. Baqai. 24. Pakistan-Afghanistan relations and central Asian politics (1973-78)/Zubeida Mustafa. 25. Pak-Afghan relations since 1947: an analysis/Mujtaba Razvi. 26. Pak-Afghan relations: 1958 to 1988/Anees Jillani. 27. Afghan refugees in Pakistan: influx, humanitarian assistance and implications/Hasan-Askari Rizvi. 28. Position of Pakistan and Afghanistan/Aabha Dixit. 29. Afghan turmoil and Pakistan/Yasmeen Akhtar. 30. Political quagmire in Afghanistan: implications for India and Pakistan/Yasmeen Akhtar. 31. Pakistan's regional policy with special reference to India and Afghanistan/Tanvir Ahmad Khan. 32. Impact of the Afghan war on Pakistan/Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema. 33. Three million uprooted Afghans in Pakistan/Said Azhar. 34. The relations of Pakistan with Afghanistan/Mohammad Ahsen Chaudhri. 35. Pak-Turkish relations/Surendra Chopra. Part IV: 36. Break-up of erstwhile Pakistan: implications for the exports of Bangladesh/Sadrel Reza. 37. Charter of Bangla Desh/N.C. Menon. 38. Recognise Bangla Desh?/Mohammed Ayoob. 39. Pakistan since the emergence of Bangladesh/Satish Kumar. 40. Pakistan-Bangladesh relations--a survey/Farzana Shakoor. 41. Pakistan-Bangladesh relations in the changing international environment/C.M. Shafi Sami. 42. Pakistan and the Indian Muslims/Imtiaz Ahmad. 43. Restructuring the sub-continent/Sisir Gupta. 44. Pakistan and the Muslim world/Verinder Grover. Appendices: 1. Text of the Baghdad pact council communique. 2. Pakistan-Afghanistan joint communique. 3. Final communique of the third meeting of the Council of the South-East Asia Treaty Organization, held at Canberra on 11-13 March 1957. 4. Baghdad pact council communique. 5. Regional cooperation for development. 6. Pakistan-Turkish Agreement, Karachi 2 April 1954. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. 9 : Pakistan's Relations With China, Russia and Muslim Soviets : Preface. Part I: 1. The Soviet Union and Indo-Pakistani relations/Harish Kapur. 2. Soviet-Pakistan relations: changing perspectives/Vijay Chawla. 3. Soviet-Pak relations in retrospect/Satya M. Rai. 4. Soviet relations with India and Pakistan, 1947-66/Vijay Chawla. 5. Soviet cultural cooperation with Pakistan/Raghunath Ram. 6. India-Pakistan in Soviet foreign policy/M.S. Dahiya. 7. Pak-Soviet relations since 1947: a dissenting appraisal/Syed Riffat Hussain. 8. Pakistan and the Soviet bloc/Mohammed Ahsen Chaudhri. 9. Soviet arms aid to Pakistan and India/Zubeida Hasan. 10. Pakistan-USSR relations/Zubeida Hasan. 11. Political economy of Pak relations with CARs/S. Rifaat Hussain. 12. Rivalries over the new Muslim H 59 696 696 0 0 696 0 1 1 0H countries/Khalid Duran. Part II: 13. China and Indo-Pakistani relations/Vidya Prakash Dutt. 14. Chou En-Lai in Pakistan/Shivaji Ganguly. 15. India, Pakistan and China: a study in regional imbalances/S.P. Varma. 16. Russia as a factor in Sino-Pak relations/P.L. Bhola. 17. Pak-China equation; 1950-60: an unhappy affair/Azizul Haque. 18. Sino-Pakistan economic relations (1950-83)/P.L. Bhola. 19. Sino-Pakistan alignment/B. Maheshwari. 20. Sino-Pakistan axis/Ramu Pandit. 21. Review of Sino-Pakistan relations (1981-85)/Latif Ahmed Sherwani. 22. Strategic and military dimensions in Pakistan-China relations/Mohammed Ahsen Chaudhri. 23. Pakistan's place in Chinese calculations/M.B. Naqvi. 24. Significance of Pakistan-China border agreement of 1963/Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema. 25. Sino-Pak nuclear accord/Wahab Siddiqui. 26. Sino-Pakistan relations: historical background/Niloufer Mahdi. 27. Sino-Pakistan relations: an overview/Anwar Syed. 28. Pakistan's relations with the people's republic of China/Hafeez-ur-Rahman Khan. 29. Is China loyal ally of Pakistan?/Mira Sinha. 30. China's relations with India and Pakistan/Norman D. Palmer. 31. Sino-Pakistan relations in the context of Bangla Desh/Kashiram Sharma. 32. Pakistan and the communist world/Verinder Grover. Appendices: 1. Sino-Pakistan "Agreement": some facts, March 2, 1963. 2. Boundary agreement between China and Pakistan. 3. Tashkent Declaration, 10 January 1966. 4. The Indo-Soviet treaty of peace, friendship and cooperation. 5. Exchange of visits between USSR and Pakistan. 6. Agreement between USSR and Pakistan. 7. Pakistan's trade with the USSR. 8. Agreement between China and Pakistan. 9. Pakistan's trade with China. 10. Exchange of visits between China and Pakistan. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. 10 : Political Events in Pakistan : A Chronology : Preface. Rulers of Pakistan since independence. Political Events in Pakistan : A Chronology: Year 1947 to 1995.

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