Rudiments of Materials Science

S.O. Pillai and Sivakami Pillai, New Age International, 2012, Pbk, 3rd Edition, 392 p, ISBN : 9788122433814, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Rudiments of Materials Science

Contents: 1. Bonding in Solids. 2. Crystalline State. 3. Matter Waves and Wave Mechanics of Free Electrons. 4. Theories of Metals and their Limitations. 5. Superconductivity. 6. Magnetism and Magnetic Properties of Materials. 7. Theory of Semiconductors. 8. Dielectrics. 9. Optoelectronics and Lasers. 10. Miscellaneous Topics. 11. Answers to Objective Questions. 12. Appendices. 13. Bibliography

Writing a comprehensive book on Materials Science for the benefit of undergraduate courses in Science and Engineering was a daydream of the first author, Dr. S.O. Pillai for a long period. However, the dream became true after a lapse of couple of years. Lucid and logical exposition of the subject matter is the special feature of this book. The principal topics covered are:

Theories of Metals.
Magnetism and Magnetic Properties of Materials.
Theory of Semiconductors.
Optoelectronics and Lasers.
Miscellaneous Topics.

An elementary treatment of basic topics namely Solid formation, Crystalline state, Wave mechanics of free electrons is found in the beginning of the book. A quick going through these topics may help the readers the power of understanding the main topics of the subject Science of Condensed Materials with trifle effects.

Trial based treatment of some newer topics in the form of direct discussion and conversation such as Insulting materials and their properties and uses, Light emitting diodes and Photon devices, Fibre optics and Holography, Ceramic materials and Polymers, Corrosion and some remedies and Composite materials is made available as the last part of this book.

No author can escape without providing objective questions, problems with solutions and tables giving physical properties of important materials that too in a book like this. This book is not an exception in these features too.

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