Conflicts in Project Land Acquisition and Displaced Persons Resettlement and Rehabilitation : Understanding Issues for Crafting Solutions

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Conflicts in Project Land Acquisition and Displaced Persons Resettlement and Rehabilitation : Understanding Issues for Crafting Solutions

Contents: 1. Displacement for development: the impact of changing state-society relations.  2. Involuntary resettlement. Effects on community production and income of rural society.  3. Community mobilization, microfinance and self-help groups : understanding the status and the dynamics.  4. Deriving at compensation for landowners affected by development: a framework.  5. Social accountability and social accounting by acts and regulations. Corporate and political influences.  6. Understanding displacement issues from protected areas and resettlement studies.  7. The social impact assessment of large projects: broad views of change and conflicts.  8. Protest responses to land acquisition and community attitudes toward accepting compensation.  9. Report of the expert committee on determination of net present value of land.  10. Post-rehabilitation and resettlement challenges : Decentralization, owner, agency and NGO roles.  11. What constitute the choices made by the poor: discussions on influences of diseases, poverty traps, diets, rehabilitation and resettlement.  12. Understanding community: the economic and poverty impacts of animal diseases.  13. Understanding conditions of the poor people and their social behavior in a land acquisition setting.  14. Political party system in India, reservation for minorities, government and governance.  15. Women’s property status in India. Exploring property ownership and tenancy relationships in urban India.  16. Infant and women mortality, piped water vis a vis diarrhea for children and poverty in rural India.  17. Principles of social impact assessment.  18. The Draft Land Acquisition And Rehabilitation And Resettlement Bill (LARR), 2011-salient points and summary.

Land acquisition for industry and infrastructure are throwing up new challenges in all cases. While there are several protests and conflicts related to land acquisition and displacement among the influenced community, there are disappointments, exasperations and desperation among the project developers. The governments are usually caught in political, bureaucratic and legal wrangling. Suspicion, apprehensions, fear and hopelessness prevail among community who are either displaced or waiting to be displaced. The crux of the book is to look into reasons why so different members of the community like the old and young, men and women, rich and poor respond to the prospects of displacement in complex ways. And also why, many of them are still dissatisfied even after long years of rehabilitation. There are many successful and unsuccessful, equal and unequal, easy and painful transitions. This book looks for the reasons.

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