Inter-sections: Essays on Indian Literatures Translations and Popular Consciousness

Rana Nayar, Orient Blackswan, 2012, Pbk, 304 p, ISBN : 9788125045540, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Inter-sections: Essays on Indian Literatures Translations and Popular Consciousness

Contents: Preface. Author’s Acknowledgements. Prologue: Notes towards the History/Theory of Genres. Reading Indian and Indian English Literatures: 1. Locating/Dis-locating Indian Literatures: A Metacritical Narrative.2. Re-contextualising the Post-1980s Indian Novel in English. 3. Emerging Trends in Post-Independence Indian English Drama. Punjabi Literature: Some Contexts and Texts: 4. Punjabi Literature through the Prism of History.5. The Novel as a Site of Cultural Memory: Gurdial Singh’s Parsa. 6. Atamjit Singh’s Kamloops Dian Macchian: Polyphonic Discourse and Dramatic Art. 7. Narratives of Dispersal: Reading Raghbir Dhand’s Stories. 8. Postcolonial Katha: Continuities and Ruptures in Videshi Punjabi Short Fiction. Reading Translation(s): 9. Author as Translator: Paradigms and Possibilities in the Indian Context. 10. Punjabi and English: Mediating the History of Language, Literature and Translation. 11. Bhisham Sahni’s Tamas: Multiple Historical Perspectives and Literary Art. 12. Mahasweta Devi’s Hajar Churashir Ma: A Narrative of Healing. Power, Hegemony and Mass Media: Case Studies in Popular Consciousness: 13. Of Language, Consciousness and Mass Media. 14. Of Influence, Power and Empowerment. 15. Of Little Magazines in Punjabi: A Historical Overview. 16. Class, Ideology and Politics of Globalisation: A Case Study of Aravind Adiga. Epilogue: Rediscovering Humanities in Life and Literature. Index.

Inter-sections brings together a collection of discursive essays that deal with a range of contemporary issues-from the history of literary genres to the future of humanities; from locating Indian literatures to mapping Indian English fiction and drama; from Punjabi literature, history and culture to the theory and practice of translation; from media-driven literary evaluation to multiple ways of shaping popular consciousness. Divided into four (inter-)sections, these essays raise some fundamental questions regarding our postcolonial, postmodern era and emphasise the need for an interdisciplinary approach to mediate both thought and knowledge. The easy, accessible, non-pedantic style of these essays is bound to engage scholars as well as lay readers.

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