A Survey of Commonwealth Fiction

Alok Pattanayak, Pearl Books, 2012, v, 282 p, ISBN : 9789381575505, $53.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Survey of Commonwealth Fiction

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Wole Soyinka. 3. Themes in Bessie head. 4. Kole Omotosos fiction a fusion of socio political situation. 5. The colonial reality in Michael Ondaatje. 6. Robert Kroetsch. 7. Contemporary Canadian literature. 8. The book of secrets and the jade peony. 9. A bend in the river and other Novels. 10. Postcolonial literature. 11. Mulk Raj Anand and the plight of untouchability. 12. The longest memory. 13. Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie. 14. Raj Kamal Jha. 15. Amitabh Ghosh. Bibliography.

In this anthology, we analyse some important works of fiction originating from the former British colonies besides dealing with major topics in the current postcolonial debate, and put common wealth fiction itself into perspective. The book will be highly useful to the students, teachers and researchers of English literature, particularly those studying commonwealth fiction.

A Survey of Commonwealth Fiction continues to retain a separate identity in the twenty first century even though some of its creators do not favour the term any longer. Our identity stems from our history. English was a historical accident that gave an overwhelming majority of the Commonwealth countries the first opportunity for creative expression. English is now the chief marker of identity for commonwealth fiction, which owes its current high visibility in the international arena to English. In this light, stimulating answers may be found to the questions concerning the relevance of commonwealth as a literary category the common characteristics of the literatures produced in the former British colonies, and the role of academia in keeping alive the idea of commonwealth literature.

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