Personnel Administration

N. Panchanatham and Priya Annamalai, Wisdom Press, 2013, v, 301 p, ISBN : 9789382006626, $53.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Personnel AdministrationContents: Preface. 1. Human resource management and its importance. 2. Civil service systems. 3. Personnel administration. 4. Recruitment. 5. Training and development. 6. Performance appraisal. 7. Promotion. 8. Employer employee relationship. 9. Grievance redressal mechanism. 10. Code of conduct. 11. Strategic management. 12. Administrative ethics case study. Index.
Personnel Administration is one of the important aspects in an organization because human asset is the main asset is the main asset for any organization, as if this resource is not utilize properly then that organization cannot survive and function properly. This book helps the students to understand human resource management and its importance. It introduces them to civil service systems and the personnel administration. (jacket)
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