Ancient Temples of Sirpur

A. K. Sharma, B.R. Publishing Corporation, 2012, xviii, 202 p, 94 color plates, 46 figs.,, ISBN : 9789350500545, $95.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ancient Temples of Sirpur

Contents: Preface. 1. Prologue. 2. Introduction. 3. Earlier accounts. 4. History. 5. Temples. 6. Priest's house. 7. Converted into ruins. Bibliography. Index.

Archaeological excavations were conducted by the author at Sirpur (ancient Sripur) from 1999-2000 to 2010-2011. The well known capital of Dakshin Kosala from where Sarabhapuriyas and Panduvamsis ruler ruled from 5th c A.D. to almost 12th c A.D. remained neglected for want of proper scientific investigations after 1956.

During ten years of excavations the author has brought to light nearly 22 temples revealing temple architecture of its own style on which Dr. K. Deva briefly wrote on the basis of standing temples.

This book deals in detail about the so far hidden facts and architectural details illustrated by drawings and photographs. It is for the first time that some unknown facts have been brought out and many misconception removed about origin of the Toran Dwara and fortified temples.

The book will be helpful not only to research scholars but written in simple language it will also help the lay-man in understanding the temple architecture of Chhattisgarh and its glorious past where norms of Vastusastra were meticulously followed for lay out and construction and natural binding material was used. (jacket)

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