Dynamics of India Sri Lanka Relationship: Since Independence

Gurnam Chand, Swastik Publications, 2012, xv, 330 p, ISBN : 9789381084991, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Dynamics of India Sri Lanka Relationship: Since IndependenceIndia-Sri Lanka relations have undergone a qualitative and quantitative transformation since Independence to post LTTE period. The present book is different as it focuses on India Sri Lanka relations after the withdrawal of IPKF. The book explores the journey of relations from conflictual to normal and thereafter to co-operative. Political relations are close as never before. Economic and commercial relations are on the course of unprecedented growth. Co-operation in the areas of defense and security has increased and there is a general broad based improvement across all sectors of bilateral co-operation. India Sri Lanka relations are multifaceted and interconnected, invariably, therefore they have implications for domestic politics and economy in the two countries. Nearly every bilateral issue between them is intertwined with some domestic issues and therefore became a matter of domestic political debate. India and Sri Lanka have established a dense bilateral network of institutions and mechanisms so as to ensure sustained cooperation irrespective of domestic politics and changes in the external environment of the two countries. The main task of the government of both the countries is to maintain the same pattern of relation by providing a continuity in co-operation and strengthening their mutual understanding in order to take their relations to the new level of excellence to develop model relationship which can be emulated by other countries in South Asia.
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