Indian Railways : A Journey

Q.L. Gautama, B.R. Publishing Corporation, 2012, xxix, 188 p, ISBN : 9789350500309, $30.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Indian Railways : A Journey

Contents: Preface. 1. I joined the GIP railway. 2. Double line construction. 3. Exhibition railway centenary 1953. 4. Training of railway employees. 5. Natural calamities. 6. Railway employees to be looked after. 7. Catering. 8. Train accidents. 9. The railways out of red. 10. Some random thoughts. 11. My retirement. 12. My foreign tours. 13. Shanghai: a city of skycrapers. 14. Orissa Odisha charming and fascinating. 15. Conclusion. Annexures.

The noise of local train passing over points and crossing at full speed may disturb the passengers and public residing in the vicinity of the railway, but ensures sound sleep to the railway man living in quarters situated along the railway track. The absence of such noise disturbs a railway man's sleep.

A commemorative book was published by Indian Railways on 16th April, 1953, completing 100 years of development and working. In April 2005, the publications division Ministry of information and broadcasting issued another book titled glorious 150 years written by R.R. Bhandari.

Likewise innumerable books were produced throughout the ages of steam, Disel and electric locos for the benefits of man, who worked on the railways. Lal Bahadur Shastri as Railway Minister resigned on moral grounds taking full responsibility of a serious accident involving many causalities. The later, MRs proudly gave statements that the general managers and the DRMS will be held personally responsible for such accidents thereby demoralizing the entire railway fraternity. Railwaymen are subject to public wrath on minor accidents like late running of trains or fans not working. (jacket)

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