Veena: Tradition In Indian Music

L. Annapoorna, Kanishka, 2012, Second edition, 104 p, ISBN : 9788173911401, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Veena: Tradition In Indian MusicContents: 1. Introduction. 2. Concert tradition. 3. Vicissitude in Veena technique. 4. Tradition and styles of Veena playing. 5. Luminaries of different styles. 6. Four schools of tradition and styles. 7. Exponents of contemporary tradition and styles. 8. Analysis of the styles of contemporary Vainikas. Index.
This volume is the culmination of a detailed and analytical study based on the individual and stylistic musical depth of several Vainikas of international repute, who have established an identical scholastic thought and bani of their own. A separate schools of Vainikas is clearly seen as an off shoot of this study. The researcher completed this study during her Master's programme having met and studied in person the innate and singular music of the living masters and through collecting authentic source materials of other earlier Sadhakas. These include Vainikas of the famous schools of Tanjore, Mysore, Karaikkudi, Travancore, Andhra, Dhanam and other lesser known schools. The individual styles of Veena Virtuso S. Balachander and his disciples, Veena Maestro Chitti Babu, Emani Sankara Sastri Mysore Doreswami Iyengar etc. (jacket)
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