Socio-Economic Perspectives of Issues and Challenges of Sustatinable Development in India

J. Maheswari, K. Parimalam, M. Prabavathy, K. Malarizhi and M. Leema Rose, Serials Publications, 2012, xii, 892 p, tables,, ISBN : 9788183875448, $130.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Socio-Economic Perspectives of Issues and Challenges of Sustatinable Development in India

Contents: 1. Health care programmes in India/C. Sivakkolundu. 2. Nutritional and health status of children in Palvathunnan Village, Cuddalore district, Tamilnadu/C. Subburaman. 3. Agro health revolution/J. Vanitha. 4. A study on management of rural health care services in India/K. Velmurugan. 5. Legal regulation of private health care sector/B. Venugopal. 6. Health and food security-a challenge for the sustainable development/Vijayalakshmmi Priya Y and Bhavani R. 7. Focus on women and child health by 2020 in India/K. Srinivasan and C. Dhandapani. 8. Health insurance and health care reforms in India: a study/A.R. Veeramani and A. Rajan Babu. 9. A study on health status in India/P. Krishnathulasimani and A. Thiruvenkateswari. 10. Accessibility of health care facilities to Krishnagiri tribes/N. Malathi. 11. The medical expenditure pattern of expanding families/V. Meena and D. Victy Mithyla. 12. Role of Government in primary health care/G. Shanthi. 13. Indian judiciary and right to health a legal perspective/Sivakumar S. 14. A study on mother child health care programme in Vellore District, Tamil Nadu/C. Dhandapani, M. Sathya and S. Saranya. 15. Inclusive health for sustainable development: human right approach/Rangaswamy D. 16. Trend and status of health care system in Tamil Nadu: a study/A. Nandagopal. 17. Diabetics and epidemic turned endemic/Yazhini Jagadeesan. 18. A study of medical tourism with special reference to Chennai/S. Sasikala. 19. Financing healthcare in India/R. Uma Maheswari. 20. Role of dietary fats and oils in sustainable health/Nisha Solomon. 21. Economic and health factors affecting performance of athletes/A. Ananthalakshmi and G. Vasanthamani. 22. Economic cost of rearing mentally ill children/M. Kalpana. 23. A study on awareness on legal aspect of health care among citizens in India with special reference to Chennai city/V. Renuka Devi and Preethi Mohan. M. 24. Food preferences and behavioral economic factor of food preference in children/Regi Raymon Sharmelee Fernando and V.D. Swaminathan. 25. Socio demographic and nutritional profile of infants in Chennai city/C. Kalaivani Ashok....

Department of economics Quaid e-Millath Government College for women, Chennai organized a National seminary on Issues and Challenges of Sustainable Development in India on 30th and 31st January 2012 in collaboration with Tamilnadu economic association. The seminary dwelt on five key themes, viz., Agriculture industry finance health education and environment. Participants, including policy-makers and well-known experts drawn from academia, the government and organizations participated in the event. (jacket)

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