A Cyclopedia of Indian Ivory Art : Appended with a Study of Foreign Ivory

A.K. Bhattacharyya, Punthi Pustak, 2012, ISBN : 9789381209066, $140.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Cyclopedia of Indian Ivory Art : Appended with a Study of Foreign IvoryThe art of ivory is one of those branches of aesthetic productions in India that not only charms the elite and the erudite but also the common folk of the country. In India so far though no comprehensive treatise with any historical and continuous narrative tracing the development of the art with any copious illustrations of the carvings produced, has been attempted, yet a few essays, highly informative by Moti Chandra, Stella Kramrisch, Ajit Ghosh, and others can be regarded as pioneer works in this branch. The present endeavours commencing with a study from the pre and proto-historic periods, has been designed to trace the growth of the art through the art-epochs in a chronological sequence down to modern times. In nine chapters and an appendix, the growth of the art in India and outside covering areas like China, Japan, Thailand in the East and South-East, as also centers in the middle east, and the West, specially, France and the USA, has been traced, studied and presented here, with discussion on the styles and the regional variations. The technical development is marked by the appearance of the fret work, veneering polychrome and gilding, as also ultimately, miniature paintings on the plain surfaces of caskets and others, which all at once speak for the advancement in workmanship. The treatise presented her has taken all this into consideration by profuse illustrative examples. (jacket)
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