Dalit Leaders and Movement in India

Arun Pal, Arise Publishers, 2012, v, 296 p, ISBN : 9789381031452, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Untouchability : A Process of Dehumanization. 3. Factors Responsible for the Rise of Dalit Movement. 4. Dalit Movement for Empowerment. 5. Dynamics of Dalit Movement. 6. Co-ordination among Dalit Organizations. 7. Dalit Autobiographical Narratives. Bibliography. Index.

The broad framework of caste remaining the same, while the Dalit movement could also be seen in a historical continuum with its previous phases. In another sense, it could be taken as the articulation phase of the numerous faceless struggles against the iniquitous socio-economic formation ordained by the caste system, that has occupied vast spaces of Indian history.

Indian society does not owe its exaltation to any outside force or need to depend on any foreign aid for its amelioration. It has capacity to eradicate social evils developed in the system without any foreign intervention. It has a capacity to look inwardly and correct it by itself.

There is need to educate, make them aware of their rights and duties, facilitate enough employment opportunities and other civic facilities like health, education and training etc. at the grass root level for the sustainable growth of backward communities. (jacket)

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