Cultural Pluralism: The Indian Scenario

edited by S. A. Azeez Saheb, B. Francis Kulirani and K. K. Misra, Gyan Publishing House, 2012, 381 p, ISBN : 9788121211475, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Cultural Pluralism: The Indian Scenario

Contents: Foreword. Preface. Introduction. I.Cultural Pluralism: General Perspectives: 1. What is the Right Kind of Secularism for a Multi-Religio-Cultural Nation Like India?/N. Subba Reddy. 2. Pluralism and Cultural Diversity in India/Imtiaz Ahmad. 3. Plural Societies and Cultures in Modern Nation-States with Reference to India: Anthropological Perspectives/H.K. Bhat. 4. Development and Diversity: A Deliberation for Nationalism/Elizabeth Zhakerya. II. Cultural Pluralism and Tribes: 5. Religious Pluralism and Tribal Identity: An Anthropological Study on the Nicobarese of Katchal, Central Nicobar Islands/D.V. Prasad. 6. The Jarawas-Stone-Age People in the 21st Century/B.R. Ghosh and S.s. Ghosh. 7. Cultural Diaspora: Tribal Migration as a Survival Strategy/Amitabha Sarkar. 8. Religious Pluralism Among the Khasis/M. Sasi Kumar and C. Raghu. 9. The Idea of Health: Medical Pluralism and Management of Treatment Among the Jenu/Kurubas of Karnataka/B.R. Vijayendra. 10. Disease and Health Care Among the Kamar Tribe: Ecological and Demographic Perspectives/Nilanjan Khatua. III. Religious Pluralism: 11. Syncretism in India: Shared Traditions among the Lingayats in Karnataka/S.A. Azeez Saheb. 12. Communal Harmony in India: The Role of Mystics and Saints/B. Krishna Reddy. 13. The Indian Christians: Regional Ethnic Formations and Denominational Pluralities/B. Francis Kulirani. 14. Multiculturalism in the Ritual Performance of Kerala: A Study on Teyyam/V. Jayarajan. 15. Persistence and Change among Sacred Specialists at Nagore Andavar's Dargah in Tamil Nadu/K.G. Gurumurthy and s.A. Azeez Saheb. 16. Religious and Ritual Practices Among Arundhathiyar: A Socio-Religious Perspective/V. Pragati and C. Raghu. 17. The Sacred Complex of Vailankanni: A Study in Cultural Pluralism/R. Rajendra Prasad. IV : Linguistic Pluralism: 18. The North-East Scenario: A Linguistic View/R. Senkuttuvan. 19. Cultural Pluralism: The Indian Scenario: In the Context of North Region/Harka Bahadur Chhetri Atreya. V. Cultural Pluralism and Ethnic Groups: 20. Emerging Patterns of Cultural Pluralism Among the Burnese Settlers in Great Andaman: An Anthropological Perspective/D.V. Prasad and S.A. Azeez Saheb. 21. Society and Culture Among the Kallu Pandarams of Kerala/P.R.G. Mathur. 22. Bishnupur: A Site of Cultural Pluralism/Samira Dasgupta. 23. Indian Pluralism: Changes and Concern/K. bhamini Raghavaiah, C.E. Subramanya and K. Rajasekhara Reddy. Index.

Cultural Pluralism: The Indian Scenario is an anthropological attempt to contextualise Indian diversity. There is also an attempt by senior scholars like Prof. N.S. Reddy to list out a sample of the perennial problems a plural society has to face, that cannot be wished away. There are also suggestions made by him as to how to tackle the problems effectively.

Prof. Imtiaz Ahmad makes clear distinction between pluralism and multicultural pluralism. As far Indian scenario is concerned he distinguishes two parallel processes of 'an ethnic nation' and 'nation state' that are in operation. The above form the introductory part of the book.

The rest of the book has articles on three major areas comprising of 'cultural pluralism in the context of tribes, contexts in which both 'religious and cultural pluralism' are operative, 'linguistic pluralism,  and case studies of specific ethnic groups who have imbibed pluralistic elements. (jacket)

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