Social Change Among Tribal Community Through Tribal Sub Plan Schemes

Ramesh H. Makwana, Vista International Publishing House, 2012 , ix, 250 p, ISBN : 9789381604205, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Social Change Among Tribal Community Through Tribal Sub Plan Schemes

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Study design and methodology. 2. Outline of study area. 3. Background, administrative structure and implementation of tribal sub plan schemes. 4. Tribal community: an overview. 5. Review of literature. 6. Socio-economic and materialistic condition of respondents. 7. Social change among tribal community through tribal sub plan schemes. 8. Findings and policy recommendations. Bibliography.

This book is based on an evaluation study of the implementation of Tribal Sub Plan Schemes comprising Dang district of Gujarat State. The study is carried out to find out the social change among socio-economic condition of tribals, if any, due to the impact of particular Tribal Sub Plan schemes.

It is a pioneer study in the field and the study is based on empirical work. Some broad conclusions have been drawn and suggestions given, which if acted upon, may to a long way in improving in the administrative, organization and management for tribal development.

The book is likely to interest policy makers and policy analysts sociologist and social anthropologist, students of public administration, development planning and the intelligent and aware laymen concerned about the developmental issues. (jacket)

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