Gazetteer of the Sirmur State 1934

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Gazetteer of the Sirmur State 1934

Contents: I. Descriptive. II. Economic. III. Administrative. IV. Places of interest. 1. Descriptive: A. Physical aspects. B. Meteorology. C. History. D. Population. E. Public health. F. Religion. G. Tribes, castes, and leading families. H. Social life. 2. Economic: A. Agriculture. B. Forests. C. Mines and minerals. D. Arts and manufacture. E. Commerce and trade. F. Means of communication. G. Rents, wages and prices. H. Famine. 3. Administrative: A. Administrative division. B. Justice. C. Land revenue. D. Miscellaneous revenue. E. Local and municipal board. F. Public works. G. Army. H. Police and Jail. I. Education and literacy. J. Medical. 4. Places of Interest: i. Banethi, Bhujjal, Bir Bikramabad. ii. Chur peak, Dadahu. iii. Dingar kinar, Haripur fort, Haripur Khol, Jaitak. iv. Kala-Amb, the Katasan Devi, Majra Pass, moginand. v. Nahan. vi. Mahipur, Mangadh. vii. Paonta, Rajgarh, Sain, Sangrah. viii. Sarahan, Sirmuri Tal, Tilokpur. Appendices

The State of Sirmur derives its name from the senior position which the rulers of this state enjoyed among the princes and chiefs of the neighbourhood.

The territories of the state which once occupied a much larger area lie among the outer Himalayan ranges. It is bounded on the north by the Simla Hill States of Balsan and Jubbal, on the east by the Tons river which divides it from the Dehra Dun District of the United provinces of Agra and Oudh, from which the Jumna also separates it on the south-east. On the south it borders on the State of Kalsia and the Ambala District of the Punjab. It is bounded on the west by Patiala territory, and on the north-west by Keonthal. The whole territory of the state is, with the exception of the broad valley of the Kiarda Dun, mountainous, with deep valleys lying between ranges of varying elevation. (jacket)

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