River Bagmati: Bounties Become a Curse

Dinesh Kumar Mishra, South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers and People (SANDRP) and Peoples Science Institute (PSI), 2012, xii, 196 p, $35.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

River Bagmati: Bounties Become a Curse

North Bihar is one of the highest flood prone areas in India.  Its flood season usually begins with the river Bagmati overflowing its banks. Yet very little is known about the Bagmati and even less about its basin, its people, or its floods.

Now this has changed with this book by Dr Dinesh Kumar Mishra. An IIT graduate Dr Mishra is well known specialist on flood issues of Bihar and Eastern UP. In this book, Dr Mishra reviews events from ancient time to the present. He has acquired first hand knowledge of the ground realities and social conditions by visiting most villages in the basin and engaging with the local people. He tried to put all the available information about this river in one place. He has explained not only about floods but also about politics of embankments and its relevance. He has also suggested some alternatives about how to manage the river so that people of the area can be saved from deluge.

This book is useful for people working on rivers and floods in government, academic, media, civil society organisations and professions like engineers and planners. The book will also serve those with broader interests in water resource development.

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