Empowerment of Women Through Technical Education

Rajlaxmi Barve, Manas Publishers, 2012, 352 p, ISBN : 9788192174341, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Empowerment of Women Through Technical Education

Contents: 1. The problem and its importance. 2. Review of related literature and research. 3. Plan of work and methodology. 4. Data, its analysis and interpretation. 5. Summary, findings, discussion of results and recommendations. 6. Present scenario of women's polytechnics in India. Bibliography.

For thousands of years, women in India were placed at disadvantage in opportunities. The pressure due to male dominated social traditions and the pressures originated from patriarchy, religion, caste, class all had joined together to give a complete negation to use effectively the women for the development of the nation.

Considering education as an agent for women's empowerment, the present volume gives an account of the development of women's education, with special reference to the technical or poly technical education for women in India.

Due to socio-cultural and socio-economic reasons, separate, institutions for girl's education and for girl's technical education polytechnics were established relatively late as compared to those for boys. (jacket) 

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