The Practical Illustrated Media Handbook (2 Vols-Set)

Prabhu Jhingran, Pratibha Prakashan, 2012, 815 p, 2 Vols,, figs,, ISBN : 9788177022780, $180.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

The Practical Illustrated Media Handbook (2 Vols-Set)

Contents: Vol. I. Film and Cinematography.

Vol. II. Radio and Television.

The Practical Illustrated Media Hand Book is an essential guide to understanding, how the Film/Cinematography and Radio/Television Media works and how the professionals in the field talk to each other. It makes the media accessible, untangles the jargon and provides you with the knowledge and confidence to participate in practical activities. The definition given in the book are simple, clear uncomplicated and easy to understand. Technical terms are also explained with the help of diagrams, photographs and illustrations.

Whether you are working on a Radio Drama or Television play, creating a plot for Film, Tele-Film planning to make a film Radio feature, making a schedule for Television serial or planning to join a cinema/Radio/Television production course, virtually all Cinematography, Radio and television courses will have elements of practical work. The difficulty for Cinema, Radio and Television course students and new entrants to the industry is that the day to day working language, the customized roles and the specific deployment of the skills and special activities and phrases can seem at first daunting and impenetrable.

This is the only Hand Book available with numerous illustrations and photos and very rich references of Film, Cinematography, Radio and Television related web-sites data base of production houses, awards, useful reading materials and fellowship and scholarships of the industry.

Whether you are a media student or planning to take up the course or an old hand in the field this handbook is an essential companion and a comprehensive guide to successful and practical Cinema, Radio and Television production.  

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