History of Education in India

R.N. Sharma and R.K. Sharma, Atlantic, 2012, vi, 345 p, ISBN : 9788171565993, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

History of Education in India

Contents: Preface. 1. Ancient Indian Vedic education. 2. Post-Vedic education. 3. Brahmanic education. 4. Education in Dharma Shastras. 5. The Buddhist system of education. 6. The Islamic education. 7. Education under the east India Company. 8. Anglicist occultist controversy: macaulay's minute. 9. Progress of education during 1835-1853. 10. The wood's despatch 1854. 11. Progress of education during 1854 to 1882. 12. The Indian education Commission 1882. 13. Progress of education during 1882-1902. 14. Progress of education during 1900-1920. 15. Education under dyarchy 1921-1937. 16. The basic education. 17. Sargeant report on education 1944. 18. Progress of education 1921-1947. 19. Education in free India: constitutional provisions. 20. National policy on education. 21. Progress and problems of primary and basic education. 22. Progress and problems of secondary education: the Mudaliar Commission 1953. 23. Progress and problems of higher education: Dr. Radhakrishnan Commission. 24. Acharya Narendra Dev Committee 1939, 1953. 25. The 10+2+3 system. 26. The open University and ASC. 27. The Kothari Commission 1964-66. 28. Education in India today.

The book traces the history of education in India from ancient Vedic, Post-Vedic and Buddhist period to the Islamic and the British period, and education in India today. It describes in detail the activities and recommendations of various educational committees and commissions. The proceedings of important seminars on education are narrated. The book describes the growth of education in India during 1835-1853, 1854-1882, 1882-1900, 1900-1920, 1921-1937, 1921-1944, 1939-1953 and in the present times. It discusses the progress and problems of education in primary and basic, secondary and higher education and also suggests remedies. Based on government reports and important publications, this book has been planned as an ideal textbook on the subject for students of all the Indian Universities. (jacket)   

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