A Hand Book of Common Parasitic Diseases of the Livestock for Field Veterinarians

Rafiq Ahmad Shahardar, IBDC Publishers, 2013, pbk, 186 p, ISBN : 9788181891907, $17.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Hand Book of Common Parasitic Diseases of the Livestock for Field Veterinarians

The Indian sub-continent possesses largest livestock population in the world and the animal rearing is one of the income generating viable business of rural people. They are getting income by way of milk, meat, wool, leather etc. However, the productivity of domesticated animals is poor due to complex factors which are varied. They are further compounded by clinical or sub-clinical parasitic diseases which inflict losses through mortality, morbidity, reduced feed conversion ratio, inefficiency of production and by way of costs incurred on treatment and control.

This Hand Book of common Parasitic Diseases for Field Veterinarians has been written in simple language for the benefit of field veterinarians in particular to provide a ready reference to them about pathogenesis, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment and control of important parasitic diseases of the livestock. Various clinical diagnostic techniques for diagnosis of parasitic diseases which do not require specialized equipments have also been described in detail so that they can be employed in routine clinical veterinary practice.

This book apart from meeting the needs of field veterinarians will also serve as a useful source of information to undergraduate and postgraduate students of veterinary colleges.    

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