Animal Health and Production

edited by A. Sahoo and R.K. Singh, Satish Serial Publishing House, 2013, x, 330 p, ISBN : 9789381226414, $110.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Animal Health and Production

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Livestock sector in India: recent trends and progress. 3. Livestock farming and livelihood security in sub-Himalayan region. 4. Agro-livestock production systems in reference to animal genetics resources. 5. Sustainable hill animal husbandry a policy perspective Uttarakhand as model. 6. Organic livestock farming: present status and future prospects. 7. Bioprospecting of Uttarakhand microflora for environmental sustenance.  8. Temperate animal health and production: prospects and paradigms. 9. Small ruminants health concern and health delivery system in India. 10. Livestock production and fodder supply for north-Western Himalaya. 11. Herbaceous layer and herbage productivity of mountain rangelands in Uttarakhand. 12. Man-wild animal conflict in sub-Himalayan region: remedial measures for sustainable development. 13. Plant toxicosis in North-Western India-an update. 14. Mycotoxins in livestock production: concerns and management. 15. Compact feed block: nutrition bank for livestock at hills. 16. High altitude poultry farming. 17. Tapping the fisheries sector for rural income generation in sub-Himalayan region. 18. Biotechnology: status and opportunities in hill states (e.g. Uttarakhand). 19. Role of genomics in animal production and health. 20. Biotechnology in animal health and production: applications and opportunities. 21. Nanobiotechnology: potential applications in animal agriculture. 22. Inhibition of enteric methanogenesis for eco-friendly livestock production. 23. Avian influenza: an Indian perspective. 24. PPR in small ruminants. 25. Re-emergence of glanders. 26. GIS remote sensing in veterinary science.

Since the growth of agriculture has nearly approached a plateau because of dwindling landholdings, over exploitation of soil and water resources and more importantly finite land resources, farmers are most likely being drawn in  to focusing more on livestock component of the mixed or integrated farming. On the hindsight, the hill agro-ecosystem is more fragile and vulnerable and sustainability with livestock production seems more feasible. Further, livestock production is poised to take a quantum leap in view of the projected increase in the demand for animal products. Considering the potentials of livestock production to provide unique opportunities for meaningful and lucrative employment to the whole lot of small, marginal and landless farmers spreading across more than half of the globe, the book on Animal Health and Production encompasses views of many learned contributors pertaining to issues related to livestock sector's progress and prospects.    

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