Biodiversity Conservation and Environment Management

edited by D.R. Khanna, R. Bhutiani, Gagan Matta and Vikas Singh, Biotech Books, 2013, 435 p, tables, figs, plates,, ISBN : 9788176222624, $85.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Biodiversity Conservation and Environment Management

Contents: Preface. 1. Biodiversity conservation and wild life management/G.N. Vankhede. 2. Taxonomy and diversity of the fish fauna of the Ganga river in Garhwal hills/S.P. Badola and Smita Badola Budakoti. 3. Unsafe water contact: cause for new amoebic disease/A.K. Sharma and Tabrez Ahmad. 4. Evaluation of construction industry role and its related activity in the changing climate circumstances/D.R. Khanna, Dheeraj Kumar, R. Bhutiani, Gagan Matta and Vikas Singh. 5. A case study of ambient noise pollution in Agra city (U.P.) India/Shakun Singh and J.P. Singh. 6. Brassinosteroids: biochemical and physiological perspective (s)/H. Punetha, Shivom Singh, Kajal Srivastava and A.K. Gaur. 7. Herbaceous structure and species diversity pattern in quercus leuchotrichophora forest of phakot watershed Uttarakhand Himalaya, India/P. Pokriyal, G.K. Dhingra, Ramdas and Sanjeev Lal. 8. Environmental monitoring and assessment during the construction of Indian scientific base Bharti station in Antarctica/Pawan Kumar Bharti.....

This book Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Management covers the rich biodiversity of various states of India and different strategies applied by the local people as well as national agencies for their conservation. Biodiversity is of very much importance and care of each species is very much essential as its extinction could disturb the ecosystem, which will ultimately harm us. So this book could provide basic knowledge and conservation steps for some of important species. Work presented in chapters of this book could be very much helpful for various other researchers, working in the field of biodiversity conservation.

The book consists of 31 chapters and well tabulated and graphical representation is also done where necessary.    

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