Whole Genome Sequencing in Animal and Plant Research

edited by C.G. Joshi, Agrotech Publishing Academy, 2013, 200 p, ISBN : 9788183212960, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Whole Genome Sequencing in Animal and Plant Research

Contents: Preface. 1. Overview of sequencing technologies/S.J. Jakhesara. 2. Overview of next generation sequencing technologies/V.D. Bhatta and D.N. Rank. 3. Genome sequencer FLX: an overview/P.G. Koringa. 4. Next gen DNA sequencers: technology that is changing the face of biotechnology a life technologies perspectives/Anupama Gaur. 5. Applications of next sequencing in animal and plant research/C.G. Joshi. 6. Library preparation and emPCR for Roche Genom sequencer/S.J. Jakhesara. 7. Post sequencing data analysis pipeline for next generation sequencing NGS technology/Niraj Kumar. 8. Targeted sequencing approaches/J. Shanmuga Sundaram. 9. RNS sequencing/S.J. Jakhesara. 10. Metagenomic applications of next generation sequencing technologies/Bhaskar Sharma. 11. NextGENe 2nd generation sequencer analysis/Aayushmaan Bansal. 12. Post run analysis of data with 454 sequencing system software/K.B. Padiya and P.G. Koringa. 13. CLC genomic workbench: a tool for analysis of next generation sequencing data/M.R. Sajnani. 14. RNA sequencing: potential tool for transcriptome analysis/B.P. Mishra, B. Mishra and G. Ravi Kumar. 15. Novel miRNA biomarker discovery in human breast cancer using deep sequencing by NGS platforms/Surendra K. Chikara.

Nucleic acid sequencing is becoming more and more important due to its potential to provide solution to many of the solution sought in biology. Newer techniques for sequencing are being developed to improve speed and accuracy with better economy.

This also necessitates improvement in computing and analysis at hardware and software side. It is equally important to train human resource withy these newer technologies to understood it and to make efficient utilisation in their research programmes.

The book covers important sequencing technologies prevalent in India. The application specialists from respective companies contributed chapters. The different applications are dealt with by the technocrats in their field of expertise. (jacket)   

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