Dairy Production and Business Management

R.M. Acharya and Puneet Kumar, Satish Serial Publishing House, 2013, xiii, 240 p, ISBN : 9789381226544, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Dairy Production and Business Management

Contents: Preface. 1. History of dairy development in South Asia with specific reference to India. 2. Dairy entrepreneurial development. 3. Small and marginal farmers SMF and landless labourers LLL and other small dairy livestock keepers in India. 4. Dairy development in Asia with special reference to South-Asia. 5. Small holder dairy livestock keeping a concept. 6. Service agencies for small scale dairy livestock keepers. 7. Smallholder dairy livestock keeping the implications. 8. Small holder dairy livestock keeping in Asia with special reference to South-Asia and India: the review of current programmes. 9. Objectives of dairy livestock development in Asian developing countries. 10. Dairy livestock management technologies in Asian developing countries....

This book would be for the use of undergraduate and post-graduate students in Dairy science. Animal Science and Veterinary Science as the book covers history of cattle and buffalo development, reviews the R&D initiatives taken so far, production and processing technologies developed. It is not only the provision of technical inputs but also their delivery system which would be timely and in a manner that it is acceptable to the livestock keepers and they will be able to benefit through their application in a relatively shorter period.

With the acceptance of provisions of World Trade Organization WTO of opening of dairy trade to multinational companies the earlier programs bad to be revisited and modified in light of earlier experiences and new World competition in diary trade. More recently extensive introduction of exotic dairy inheritance has been attempted and has led to a substantial increase in the population of crossbred cattle and milk production in the country.    

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