Principles and Practices of Seed Storage

Oren L. Justice and Louis N. Bass, Scientific, 2013, Reprint, ISBN : 9788172337889, $85.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Principles and Practices of Seed Storage

Contents: Introduction. 1. Seed Factors that Affect Storage Life. 2. Effects of Storage Environment on Seed Longevity. 3. Effects of Pests and Chemicals on Seed Deterioration in storage. 4. Changes Associated with Seed Deterioration. 5. How Seeds are Dried. 6. Seed Storage Structures. 7. Packaging and Packaging Materials. 8. Monitoring Seed storage Environment and Seed Condition. 9. Some Practical Information for Storing and Transporting Seeds at Ambient Conditions. 10. Theories Regarding Seed Deterioration.  11. Old and Ancient Seeds. Glossary. Index.

The book provides wide range of information on seed storage. In the beginning the biology of seeds and factors which influence seed viability and storage is explained. How the seed storage can be made more effective from the initial selection and drying of seeds to protective measures, packaging and transportation is explained.

All type of illustrations are provided in respect of machinery and facilities commonly used in the treatment and storage of seeds. Among many other, short accounts are given of varietal variation in viability of seeds variation in tolerance of mechanical injury sustained during handling, and cytological changes which take place during storage, including the spontaneous appearance of mutations and occurrence of chromosomal abnormalities.

A Well produced and thorough book likely to be valued by all PG, researchers, seed societies botanist and Agriculturists and all those who are interested about seed storage.   

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