Bangladesh : A Study of the Democratic Regimes

Moudud Ahmed, The University Press Limited, 2012, 492 p, tables,, ISBN : 9789845060370, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Bangladesh : A Study of the Democratic Regimes

Contents: Preface. 1. Democracy in Bangladesh. 2. Election and Democracy. 3. The Parliament. 4. Legislative reforms. 5. Reforms in legal system. 6. Constitutional amendments. 7. State of economy. 8. Education. 9. Water. 10. Ethnic conflicts. 11. The rise of Islamic Militancy. 12. Law and order. 13. Politicization of judiciary. 14. Decentralization of administration. 15. Recollection of some important events. 16. The election commission. 17. Behaviour of the political parties. 18. The last days of the BNP led Government. 19. The interim Government 2006: demise of Democracy. 20. Conclusion. Index.

Bangladesh : A Study of the Democratic Regimes is the author's fifth book on the politics of Bangladesh. It essentially covers the period from 1991 to 2006 and focuses on a number of important issues including constitutional amendments and legislative reforms which have had considerable impact on the political process of the country. It encompasses with depth and precision all the developments in politics, economy, decentralization and politicization of administration that help in understanding the historical process of the concepts underscored here.

Many of these changes are beneficial but some have become controversial and need a rethink in the contexts of the developing political culture. The books other important and very informative parts include a discussion on the changes to the legal system and the growing politicization of the judiciary a subject with which the author is most intimately associated and one which will have a long term impact for better or worse on the growth of all democratic institutions in the country.

His views on the more contemporary issues such as the character of political parties is thoughtful and provides a fairly comprehensive narration of the defining political events during this period. He has adequately covered the ground by providing a front narration on the behaviors of political parties, the law and order situation including extra judicial killing and questions pertaining to indemnity. (jacket)   

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