Small Ruminant : Production and Health

edited by A.K. Goel, M.K. Tripathi and P.K. Rout, Satish Serial Publishing House, 2013, viii, 294 p, ISBN : 9789381226575, $90.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Small Ruminant : Production and Health

Contents: Preface. 1. Nutraceuticals: an emerging and potential therapeutic approach in animal disease management/Ashok Kumar and V.K. Gupta. 2. Role of brain cells in the control of follicular growth and time of ovulation in sheep/J.B. Phogat and S.P.S. Ghuman. 3. Functional stability assessment of cryopreserved Semen/S.K. Atreja and Saswat Mohapatra. 4. Physiological adaptability during acute water deprivation in goats/Puneet Kumar, R.P. Misra and Khub Singh. 5. Advances in augmentation of reproduction in goats/S.D. Kharche, S.K. Jindal, A. K. Goel, Satish Kumar and Ravi Ranjan. 6. State of the art in ovine reproductive technologies/S.M.K. Naqvi and Davendra Kumar. 7. Pashmina goat of cold arid Western Himalaya: status issues and strategies/S.A. Wani, Sarfraz A. Wani, M.H. Wani and F.A. Shaheen. 8. Small ruminant feeding system: present status and future perspective/U.B. Chaudhary, P. Tripathi, Ravindra Kumar and M.K. Tripathi. 9. Microbial ecosystem: strategies for Methane mitigation/D.N. Kamra and Neeta Agarwal. 10. Strategies for nutrition security during drought/R.C. Jakhmola....

Socio-economic growth as well as national economy of the country has been significantly backed by the small ruminant sector. Goat and sheep seem to be the best choice of the livestock component to provide food security to the growing population and well-being of the society. There has been considerable progress in science and technology to understand small ruminant biology and the knowledge in this field need to be transformed into practice for sustainable production.

The book contains 16 chapters covering major aspects of small ruminant production and health. It begins by discussing the role of Nutraceuticals in animal Diseases Management and ends with ethical and welfare issues related to experimentation on small ruminants to investigate animal diseases, production of medicines and biological in veterinary science and drug safety testing in biomedical research. Other chapters consider reproductive biotechnology and adaptive physiology, nutrition, value addition of meat and meat products, nutritional value of milk in human health, diseases and their management and ethno-veterinary approach in health management of small ruminants. This book aims to review development and indicate different techniques that can be used in research or commercially to optimize small ruminant productivity.   


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