Islam Islamist Movements and Democracy in the Middle East : Challenges Opportunities and Responses

edited by Rajeesh Kumar and Navaz Nizar, Global Vision Publishing House, 2013, xii, 276 p, ISBN : 9788182205482, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Islam Islamist Movements and Democracy in the Middle East : Challenges Opportunities and Responses

Contents: Foreword. 1. Introduction Islam, Islamist movements and the Arab spring/Rajeesh Kumar and Navas Nizar. 2. The will to Democratize: Democracy promotion as a practice of Governmentality/Cathy Elliot. 3. Between politics of Democracy and spirit of Islamism: probing the quest for restructuring Muslim World/Faisal K.P. 4. Islam and Democracy: Contextualizing the debate in Arab world/Bushra and Rajeesh Kumar. 5. Democracy and the concept of Islamic state: comparing the visions of Khomeini, Mawdudi and Shariati/Theodore Gabriel. 6. Secularism and its fate in the Arab World/Abdel Fattah Mady. 7. Democratization in Kuwait and the gendered responses of Islamist movements/Helen Rizzo. 8. Despots or Democrats?: Sistani, Sadar and Shia politics in post Saddam Iraq/Benjamin Isakham. 9. The Muslim brotherhood and Girls and Women's rights in Egypt/Vickie Langohr. 10. Islamic movements and emergence of nationalism in colonial Algeria/Sebastian N......

These are times of unprecedented political churning in West Asia and North Africa. The fall of authoritarian regimes in Tunisia, Egypt Libya and Yemen and the continuing political movements in many other countries are manifestations of the significance of transformation of the regions politics. The traditional debate on the linkage between Islam and democracy needs to be critiqued in and tempered with considerations of this transformatory character of the politics of the region. This book addresses some of the salient aspects of these transformations thus cumulatively providing a fairly comprehensive treatment of the intersections of Islam, democracy and political movements in the region. The ideological gender and political dimensions of the Islamic movements receive attention in the volume. This volume in its historical and political analysis would serve to throw light on some of the significant domains of the political contestation and churning in middle east. (jacket)   

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