Hindu Tradition of Pilgrimage: Sacred Space and System

Rana P. B. Singh, Dev Pubs., 2013, xiv, 400 p, ISBN : 9789381406250, $60.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Hindu Tradition of Pilgrimage: Sacred Space and SystemThis book consisting of ten essays and annotated list of important 108 pilgrimage places deals with deeper awareness and understanding of the complexities and subtleties of pilgrimage in the contexts of the mythology history system structure and functioning of Hindu pilgrimages and Sacred Space in India and illustrated with case studies of Shaktipithas Chitrakut Varanasi Gaya Vindhyachal Mathura Kumbha Mela while emphasising the textual traditions historical outline contemporary pilgrimage tourism issues of contestations and seduction of history sacred geometry and cosmic order and use of SOC theory. This is the first full book of its kind and to be used as the major reference and text and will open new directions of understanding in pilgrimage studies.
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