Air Dominance : Proceedings of the Seminar

Jasjit Singh, KW Publishers, 2010, ix, 178 p, ISBN : 9789380502199, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Air Dominance : Proceedings of the Seminar

Contents: 1. Inaugural session. 2. Future of aerospace. 3. Aerospace modernisation. 4. Key air power issues for the future. 5. Closing session.

In the continuously changing nature of war the terminologies in the military forces of the world also change, often more than war itself mostly introducing esoteric vocabulary. the term air dominance in this context is of comparatively recent origin. the effect and outcome of war in and from the air has come round full circle, from command of the air a hundred years ago to air superiority in World War II to favourable air situation to air dominance now.

Most people who use this term actually use it in lieu of air superiority. Air to air dominance of the adversary is certainly crucial for any future war even among nuclear weapons states if they do got o war. Air to air warfare had moved out of the line of sight limitations long ago to become all weather and day night warfare. But air to ground warfare has remained limited to line of sight strikes and hence, also fair weather essentially because of the limitations of available technology to locate moving targets on the ground. BVR Beyond Visual Range air to air dominance would certainly exist as a follow-on to the struggle for air superiority.

While few countries can posses capabilities of the US JSTARS type, it is clear that advances in sensor technologies and use of UAVs, for example create capabilities that are within the reach of even middle powers. The ultimate importance of air power rests on its strategic role and capability, unmatched by the other two services. This is due to the very nature of the medium it operates in. Air power can influence and even control the movement and actions of surface forces. But the reverse is not true except in a limited sense through terminal defence.

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